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Parent Lounge 2018

The 101 Day Gap Year has begun
Join us for the 101-Day Gap Year
4 Dec 2018

There are exactly 101 days between the last day of school and the first day of USC’s semester.

The impact of cyberbullying
4 Dec 2018

Many parents find the unchartered waters of their child’s online world hard to navigate.

Five things I've learned since my children finished high school
4 Dec 2018

It has been over ten years since my first student finished high school and there have been three other students finish since.

Solar Nights
USC celebrates the festive season with Solar Nights
3 Dec 2018

As part of our ongoing commitment to our communities, USC is proud to present Solar Nights — an ethereal, interactive light trail for the whole community to enjoy.

Setting an example for my child
5 Oct 2018

It’s been quite a journey for Vanessa Watson to enter her chosen career, one that started seven years ago with USC’s Tertiary Preparation Pathway program.

My child has applied for uni, what's next?
5 Oct 2018

Many Year 12 students have already clicked ‘submit’ on their Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) application.

Many paths, same destination
4 Oct 2018

University is not just for those who have gained an OP, or even finished Year 12.

Getting a Headstart
25 Sep 2018

Some senior students just can’t wait to start university.

The changing field of paramedicine
20 Aug 2018

Did you know that the landscape of studying and working in the field of paramedic science is changing? It is estimated that job opportunities for paramedics and ambulance officers will increase by 11 percent by 2020.

Getting an early and guaranteed offer to university
20 Aug 2018

It can be a nervous wait for parents and Year 12 students in the lead up to offers being made to university places for next year.

The new work reality
20 Aug 2018

Students today are embarking on a brave new world of work We explain how USC is helping future proof employment outcomes for its students and what support parents can provide to assist the process.

USC celebrates National Science Week with Dr Karl
19 Aug 2018

USC recently hosted one of Australia's most popular science commentators, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM as part of National Science Week celebrations.

University Open Days – open doors
19 Jun 2018

University Open Days do just what they say – the ‘doors’ of the university are flung open so you can explore what’s inside and discover a study path just right for you or your student.

How to travel without taking a gap year
18 Jun 2018

Travelling and experiencing a different place and culture can be a great learning experience for any young person, however it doesn’t necessarily have to stop your child from starting university.

USC Celebrates its 20,000th graduate
20 Apr 2018

During April, 1,700 students graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast across 12 ceremonies.

Meet our first Medical Science students
16 Apr 2018

This year, we welcomed the first students into our new Medical Science degree – an exciting new program giving school leavers in our region a pathway to study medicine.

How best to help your child when they go to uni
16 Apr 2018

As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child make their first year at uni successful.

How to make the most out of career events
16 Apr 2018

As Term 2 gets underway, you and your high school student will likely be attending SET planning evenings, career expos or university open days.

Common questions asked by parents
16 Apr 2018

UniSC Parent, Dr Janet Lee, covers some of the common questions she gets asked by other parents including whether to take a gap year and what students should choose to study.

Help! What to do if your child is not happy with their choice of degree
20 Feb 2018

Your child may have your child has enrolled in a degree, bought their textbooks and headed off to their first classes.

Give your child a Headstart
20 Feb 2018

Some senior students just can't wait to start university.

What does support look like at uni?
20 Feb 2018

Compared to the familiar world of high school, it's natural for university to seem a bit daunting.

Planning for success
20 Feb 2018

As a parent, how do you help your student develop successful study habits? Here's some suggestions.