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Join us for the 101-Day Gap Year

4 Dec 2018

It may come as a surprise, but there are in fact, 101 days between the last day of school and the first day of USC’s semester. To help students make the most of this time, USC is producing a weekly video series called the 101-Day Gap Year.

These videos will follow the activities and advice of five USC Student Ambassadors as they make the most of this summer period — showing how students can recharge the batteries and do small things now that will make a big difference for the year ahead.

Lara St Clair is one of the student ambassadors featured in these videos. Lara has just finished her first year of a Bachelor of Nursing at USC after finishing school in 2017 and is happy to be sharing her experiences with this year’s graduating cohort.

“I remember the mixture of excitement and nerves at finishing school,” Lara said. “I remember having lots of questions about what to expect at uni and how best to prepare.”

“I hope that through these videos, we can make the transition between school and uni easier for other students, while showing them some fun, low-cost things they can do to enjoy their break,” she said.

Mitchell Tilly, another student featured in the 101 Day Gap Year video series, says that many students can choose to take a gap year don’t realise that there any a wealth of opportunities to gain work experience and to travel during university study.

“There are so many opportunities to do things such as travel as part of your study,” Mitchell said. “For example, as part of my Bachelor of Urban Design and Town Planning degree, I am travelling to India in January to look at installing solar energy systems in high density and low-socio economic communities, reducing their reliance on kerosene sources.”

“Not only will this experience count towards my study, but I have been lucky to also gain a scholarship that will help towards my travel costs too,” he said. “And, I’ll be vlogging some of my experience to share with our 101-Day Gap year audience.”

USC will post weekly videos on its USC’s social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. We encourage you to follow our 101-Day Gap Year journey by liking and subscribe our 101-Day playlist via the Vlogging USC channel.

The 101 Day Gap Year has begun

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