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My child has applied for uni, what's next?

5 Oct 2018

Many Year 12 students have already clicked ‘submit’ on their Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) application. But what happens next? And when is my child likely to receive an offer? We’ve got some helpful info for you and your child, including answers to some of the most common questions we get asked during this period.

Is it too late to apply if my child hasn’t already?

Some uni programs, usually those that are in higher demand or have a special entry requirement such as an audition, have a fixed closing date. However, for most USC programs, there is no set application date. However, we suggest that sooner is always better when it comes to applications, and your child can always change their preferences later if they change their mind – see more info about changing preference below. Your child should check QTAC’s key dates on its website for when applications need to be submitted to make them eligible for specific offer rounds.

When will they receive an offer?

When your child receives an offer from QTAC will depend on several things. If your child has successfully applied for USC’s Early Offer Guarantee program, or has applied for our Tertiary Preparation Pathway program, or if they are using another qualification such as a TAFE certificate as an entry pathway, they will receive an offer on the last day of Year 12.

Generally, if your child has applied for USC using their OP as an entry pathway and have met all the eligibility requirements of a program, they will receive an offer just before Christmas.

There are a limited number high-demand programs, such as USC’s Bachelor of Medical Science, where students won’t receive an offer until the January QTAC offer round.

Has your child applied for a Tax File Number?

HECS-HELP is a loan program to help eligible students pay for uni. Students can take out a government loan for the full or partial amount of their fees and then pay it back once they are working and earning over a certain amount. To be eligible for the HECS-HELP loan, students need to provide their Tax File Number (TFN) to their tertiary institution. If your child doesn’t already have a TFN, they should apply for one through the Australian Taxation Office before their first semester of uni.

Has your child applied for a scholarship or bursary?

Did you know that your child can apply for a scholarship at USC before they even have an offer? USC’s scholarships and bursaries aren’t just for high academic achievers, they can be awarded for community leadership, sporting achievement or to those who might need a financial boost. And it gets better – USC has one online application form to apply for most scholarships and bursaries. So, for an investment of an hour or two, your child could be eligible for anywhere from a few hundred dollars all the way to a full Vice-Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship. Applications are due by 30 November.

Can my child change their QTAC preferences if they change their mind?

Yes. QTAC preferences can be changed up to three times for free (and for a fee after this). Changes can be made by logging into QTAC. Preferences can also be changed after your child has received an offer by conditionally accepting their offer and then changing their preferences. QTAC will then start looking to see whether your child is eligible to receive an offer for the preferences listed higher than the program your child already has an offer for. Your child will need to ensure they change their preferences by the due date for each offer round. For example, for your child to be eligible to receive an offer on 20 December, they need to have applied to QTAC by 7 December and any preference changes made by 10am on 17 December.

Although the application process might seem a little daunting, it is important to remember that there is help available to support you and your child during this period. Please contact USC’s Student Central team with any questions.

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