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The 101 Day Gap Year

11 Dec 2019

Did you know there are 101 days between the last day of Year 12 and the first day of university? When used productively, these 101 days can be an opportunity for students to relax, open themselves up to new experiences, become part of their wider community and to prepare for the year ahead – possibly without the need to take a gap year.

To help students make the most of their 101 days, USC is producing a weekly video series called the 101 Day Gap Year. These videos follow the activities and advice of current USC students as they make the most of their Summer break – showing how students can recharge the batteries with inexpensive trips and fun activities so they’re ready to go straight into uni next year.

USC student Jamison Kehl features in the videos and has just finished her first year of a Bachelor of Creative Industries after graduating from high school only 12 months ago.

“Finishing Year 12 was such an overwhelming experience. It’s exciting, daunting, sad and a little scary as you head into the unknown.”

“I hope that these videos show students that there is so much time between finishing high school and starting university and you can easily fit a ton of fun activities and travel in that time,” she said.

Yani Mouland-Vail, another USC student who features in the 101 Day Gap Year video series, says many students don’t realise how much time there is between university semesters to have fun.

“You get approximately four months off uni each year, giving you plenty of time to have fun in between your studies.”

“I’m spending my 101 days surfing, working, motorbike riding and relaxing! In February, it will be time to start preparing for the year ahead,” he said.

USC will post weekly videos on its Instagram account over the summer break.

The 101 Day Gap Year has begun

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