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Parent Lounge Update

October 2019

Dr Mike Nagel presenting at the Rewiring the Teenage Mind event
Supporting teens' technology use
25 Oct 2019

While many young people are aware of issues associated with excessive smartphone use, they can still be reluctant to put them down, says a USC leading expert in brain development Dr Mike Nagel.

Don't let ATAR shake you
10 Oct 2019

For the next generation of senior students and their parents, 2020 and beyond will be a new world, navigating a new pathway to university.

Helping your child make those big decisions
9 Oct 2019

At this time of the Year 12 school year, there are decisions being made about future study and it can feel like these are big questions about the rest of your child’s life.

Money to help your child while studying
8 Oct 2019

The big question of ‘How do I afford uni’ weighs heavily on new university students and their families.

Career profiler: Experience the world of entrepreneurship
4 Oct 2019

A group assignment during university has transformed into a start-up business for USC graduate, Jackson Dickfos.

Artwork of what USC Moreton Bay campus will look like
The uni options that are easing stressed parents' concerns
4 Oct 2019

Transitioning from high school to university is a big step, not just for students, but for their parents, too.