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Secondary STEM outreach programs

Our secondary STEM outreach programs are part of Make, Integrate, Explore (MIE) Lab. They are designed to inspire the next generation of leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The programs are fun, engaging and bound to inspire students to continue their STEM journey into secondary school and beyond.

Our programs explore STEM applications across the curriculum and beyond the classroom.

Activities challenge students to use STEM in solving every day, real-world problems and explore learning and career opportunities. Your students will connect with USC academics, students and researchers to explore careers and build skills that will connect them to the future workforce.

We currently facilitate the following initiatives:

Science teacher in classroom
MIE School Senior

The Make, Integrate, Explore (MIE) School Senior program uses technology to raise awareness and aspirations of students in Years 7-12 to explore future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

MIE School Professional Development

Learn how to teach computational thinking, binary, coding and how to use Arduino to teach students about electrical circuits, computer programming and designing projects for the classroom linked to the Australian Curriculum Years 7 and 8.

MIE School sessions in school

In this sequence of 11 x 70min lessons, students will explore the social, ethical and environmental considerations required in the creation of self-driving cars and design and program a self-driving car using an Arduino.

MIE School 'on campus' days

Visits to a university campus are designed to provide students with an immersive experience where they have the opportunity to view campus life, meet university students and academic staff and engage with community members in the STEM industry.