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MIE School sessions in schools

Year 7

In this sequence of 11 x 70min lessons, students will explore the social, ethical and environmental considerations required in the creation of self-driving cars and design and program a self-driving car using an Arduino. This learning is linked to the Science, Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies curriculum. The Year 7 lessons and resources provide students with opportunities to learn how to program an Arduino, develop their computational thinking skills and deepen their understanding of STEM careers.

The program is designed so that seven of the lessons are presented by the classroom teacher and four of the 70min lessons are presented by MIE School presenters who visit the school.

The lessons have been designed to complement and extend the existing curriculum of schools. The lessons have a focus on students developing Computational Thinking Skills linked to learning in Science and Technologies curriculum. Preservice teachers will also discuss with students the skills needed to become job builders and creators in the future workforce.

Audience: Year 7 students

Curriculum Alignment: Yes

Funding Source: Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program Funding. The objective of HEPPP funded programs such as MIE School is to increase the total number of people who access and participate in higher education.

Due to funding requirements, outreach services such as the MIE School program are limited to specific schools and are offered by invitation only. For further information please contact the MIE School project manager mielab@usc.edu.au.

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