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Aidan Titheradge

High school attended: Maleny State High School 

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours)

Target graduation date: 2022

My journey: In Year 12, I had no idea where I would be after I graduated school. I know I was good at Maths and Science and that English had never been one of my strengths. I also knew I wanted to go to University but didn’t know what to study. I started looking into any course where Maths and Science were more dominant than English. Through the process of talking to Student Ambassadors, the School Guidance Councillor and my parents, I settled on Engineering as my only real option. I thought over it for a while and, with only one day to spare, applied through QTAC.

I initially wanted to head to Brisbane to study but wasn’t sure if my OP would be high enough. So, I accepted an offer from a regional university. I made the big jump of moving out of home to a city I didn’t know and studied for several years before doubt kicked in and I decided to take some time away from study. I began to wonder if engineering was the right path for me but was lucky enough to get offered some work experience back on the Sunshine Coast. This led to working in the field as a labourer for the next three years, in between travel. This is where I reignited the passion I had previously lost for engineering and construction.

One month out from the start of Semester 1, 2019, I decided it was now or never and applied to restart my studies, this time a little closer to home with USC. I received an offer about a week out from Orientation Week and then spent much of that and the next weeks applying for credit and enrolling in courses (Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute) and haven’t looked back since.

Career aspirations: I hope to utilise some of my experiences labouring in Civil Construction to get a job in this field, possibly working up into management roles in the future. I also hope to get the opportunity to work overseas, as my USC degree is internationally recognised.

Why did you become an Ambassador? From a young age, I was always one of those children that never knew what I wanted to do when they grew up and even now, I still don’t. This became a little scary when I reached Year 12, seeing all my friends apply to University and still having no idea of where I would be. I know a lot of other kids are in a similar boat to what I experienced and I understand first-hand how scary university life can seem for people of all ages. Through my journey, I often thought there was nobody I could talk to, but Student Ambassadors played a vital role in helping settle my nerves about Uni life. I only hope I can do the same thing for others whilst also passing on my story and helping others realise the next step in theirs.

What do you like about USC? The teaching staff at USC is a massive drawcard. They are genuinely interested in making all students into the best professionals we can be. Having smaller class sizes than some universities makes getting to know them and your fellow students much easier and allows you to form strong friendships. Plus, how can you not love studying at USC when your surrounded by wildlife, and the beach is only a short drive away.