Ashley Burow | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Ashley Burow

High School attended: Clontarf Beach State High School 

Bachelor of Nursing Science 

Target graduation date: End of 2023

My journey: I finished school in 2004. I wanted to take a gap year but ended up working and becoming a restaurant manager at a fast-food chain and stayed there for 15 years. I did a few jobs between then and now such as becoming a personal trainer and a phlebotomist. I’ve always been interested in nursing and midwifery so decided to take the plunge. I always felt like I wasn’t smart enough to go university but I’m SO glad I went for it.

Career aspirations: After I finish my Bachelor of Nursing, I’d like to get a job in the Paediatric ward and work with kids and study part time doing Midwifery.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I love meeting new people and it would be great to spread the message that anyone can attend university.

What do you like about USC? ​I love how local the Petrie campus is to me! Makes being a parent and studying that little bit easier knowing I’m close to my kids if anything was to happen. Everyone I have met so far is lovely and I am really enjoying studying.