Carlos Bray | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Carlos Bray

High School attended: Kawana Waters State College 

Bachelor of Medical Science 

Target graduation date: End of 2020

My journey: I started my university journey straight out of high school, graduating with an OP1. Fortunately for me 2018 was the inaugural year for USC’s Bachelor of Medical Science. I knew I always wanted a career in medicine, as it such a diverse field with a great range of possibilities. Being a Sunshine Coast local I’ve had the great pleasure to grow up here and I’m proud to call USC my home.

Career aspirations: Completing my medical studies are far off, but are nearing year after year, and with that comes the dilemma of what to do next. Specialising is a challenge that undoubtedly I’ll follow, but my decision isn’t set in stone. My unwavering desire will always be to continuously improve my skills and knowledge, becoming a doctor that is not only looked up upon by patients but peers as well. I hope to also make an impact on new students wanting to study in the field of medicine, be it through my position as an ambassador or in a teaching/mentoring capacity.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I thrive on a challenge, and being an ambassador is something that my younger self would’ve probably never thought I’d do. My decision to become an ambassador is that it gives me an opportunity to get involved with USC and the surrounding community. It also gives a means to share my positive experience at USC and life after high school.

What do you like about USC?​ USC to me is home, ever since living on the Sunshine Coast from a young age I have visited the campus a many of times, be it for Voices on the Coast, STEM or districts sports. One thing always stood out to me, and that was USC was always growing, but it never lost its core belief of community and student support. The student cohorts and academic staff make it a great place to learn, making great memories and lifelong friends. I wouldn’t change it.