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Elinor Eaton

High School attended: Gympie State High School 

Bachelor of Criminology and Justice 

Target graduation date: End of 2024

My journey: When I completed high school, I truly did not think that I’d ever attend university, considering I never enjoyed high school. I graduated in 2013, and just lived life, with a job working in retail. In 2019, I re-evaluated my life and realised that I wanted more out of it, and that did not include working in retail. After some research, I discovered the Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) program, and went for it. Starting in 2020 on campus and then being thrown online due to a pandemic was hard, but I thrived and enjoyed university more than I thought I would. In fact I got better grades as a student at USC than I ever did in high school. I applied for the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice following the completion of TPP and was offered a place and I am absolutely loving it as working for the Police has been a long-time career goal and this makes the path easier and more achievable.

Career aspirations: Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I aim to apply for the Australian Federal Police and their Graduate Program currently offered to recent graduates.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I became an ambassador because I believe in this University and how it ensures accessibility to everyone. USC offers so much in regard to student support, accessibility services, mentoring and overall passion to ensure that students succeed.

What do you like about USC? The atmosphere is so amazing here. There are great outdoor spaces to meet friends and study and of course, eat! The lecturers and tutors are so laid back and friendly, and the discussions held within the classes are so in-depth and active. The support offered by the University also makes it a less stressful experience, knowing that around any corner, someone is willing to help you succeed.