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Joelle Jetson

High school attended: Tannum Sands State High School 

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) 

Target graduation date: 2022

My journey: I completed a Bachelor of Human Resources Management at Griffith University. Throughout my degree, I had work experience in the different functions of HR and managed to land a full-time HR generalist role in Brisbane upon graduation. After working full-time in this discipline, I realised that it was not for me and I started to consider what career would suit me. I have always been interested in tinkering with things, wanting to understand how they worked. This realisation made me decide that engineering would be far more interesting. To achieve this, I decided to quit my job, move to the Sunshine Coast, and study Mechanical Engineering at USC full-time.

Career aspirations: Mechanical Engineering is such a broad discipline; however, I do have specific interest in processing and the environment. The ultimate job for me would be to improve the ways we process things to make a positive impact on the environment. For example, there are a lot of countries that process their rubbish and turn it into usable power. I would love to lead Australia into that kind of innovation when I graduate.

Why did you become an Ambassador? This role offers a great opportunity to be involved with the University. In comparison to my experiences with other universities, I can genuinely advocate USC as being a great university because of that comparison. University itself is challenging, I feel that I can reassure others that by choosing USC they have made a solid choice and will be well supported through their studies.

What do you like about USC? At USC, the students are not just a number. They have the care and attention towards students like a small university, but the resources and opportunities you would expect from one of the larger universities. I also love how environmentally conscious USC is, from biodegradable coffee cups, to thousands of solar panels and great future environmental initiatives. As a future engineer, being involved with a university that is taking new and innovative approaches to benefit the environment is a very exciting thing.