Jonny Power | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Jonny Power

High School attended: Aspley State High School 

Bachelor of Education / Bachelor of Science 

Target graduation date: End of 2021

My journey: Straight out of high school, I entered university with a closed mind of what I wanted to do, which was study to become a teacher specialising in chemistry. However, I soon realised how diverse the subjects and learning areas are at USC, and decided to take a short break to focus on expanding my horizons. Even though I am still finding my passion and the right path to go down, USC has helped me immensely with their support services.

Career aspirations: Although I do not have an exact career on my mind, once I complete my degree, I would like to move into a field that has me working with others and travelling around the world to discover new cultures.

Why did you become an Ambassador? Becoming an ambassador for USC allows me to get involved with students from the surrounding community, and engage with them to find what they would like to do in life. I believe that the best way to find your future is to have people beside you to help you out.

What do you like about USC?​ USC has been an extremely welcoming environment with staff and students who connect with each other on a personal level. Having a campus in the Moreton Bay region is also a huge advantage for students who want to study close to home. During Orientation, USC demonstrated to me how they appreciate their student’s efforts and feedback, as well as offering ways for students to get involved in university life and make the most out of their time studying.