Katie Charlton - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Katie Charlton

High school attended: Nambour Christian College

Degree: Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts 

Target graduation date: 2021

My journey: I came to university straight out of school, and started my study at QUT, however after a semester I realised that I missed the strong sense of community within the Sunshine Coast, and of course the beaches, so I transferred to USC for the start of semester 2 of 2017 and it was the greatest thing I could have done!

Career aspirations: I aspire to be a secondary English & history teacher in a rural high school.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I became an Ambassador because I understand how challenging transitions can be (due to me transferring unis), and I wanted the opportunity to help students and potential students out who are in a similar position.

What do you like about USC? I love so many things about USC! In particular, I love how inclusive the USC community is, the students are so friendly and welcoming, which makes campus life really great. I also love the way that the staff actually put time into their students. I came from a university that had massive class sizes, therefore the staff couldn’t give everyone the attention that they needed. Most of my tutors didn’t even know my name, whereas at USC, all of the tutors, and even some lecturers, learn your name and make themselves available to help, which reflects in the marks of students and contributes to the overall student satisfaction.