Mason Andrews | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Mason Andrews

High school attended: Burnside State High School 

Degree: Bachelor of Paramedic Science  

Target graduation date: 2021

My journey: I originally didn’t plan on coming to University and opted out of getting an OP entirely in grade 11. Halfway into grade 11, I changed my plans and decided to go through the USC Headstart program while completing my senior year. I got into my first preference degree via the Early Offer Guarantee and started at USC in 2018. During my first year, second semester, I came out as transgender and deferred my degree to accommodate frequent travel to appointments and other new obstacles. I’m now back studying full-time and am on track to completing my degree on time.

Career aspirations: My dream job would be to work in aeromedicine - especially within rural Australian communities. However, the field is changing in many interesting ways so I’m also keeping my options open.

Why did you become an Ambassador? My university plans changed rapidly many different times and sometimes all you need is someone that’s able to lay out the options available and help you plan your next step. I’d like to pay forward the help that was available to me.

What do you like about USC? Everyone wants to see you succeed and actively engage in your learning outcomes. It feels like you are part of a large network of people that are available to help. It’s easy to find like-minded people and get a good sense of belonging within the university.