Michael Zimmerman - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Michael Zimmerman

High school attended: Cambridge Park High School

Degree: Bachelor of Primary Education 

Target graduation date: 2020

My journey: I left school and began studying commerce in 1995 at a university in NSW. I didn’t feel overly engaged in the course and didn’t complete the degree after being offered fulltime work. After being in the workforce for many years the desire to study and career change lead me to USC. The staff at student central were an immense help and set me on the path to a Bachelor of Primary Education. I needed additional qualifications to get into my degree and enrolled in TPP (Tertiary Preparation Pathway) which provided me with both skills and qualifications I needed to begin my degree. This preparation has led me to have a successful experience so far in my studies and am thoroughly enjoying learning about something I’m passionate about. I’m looking forward to completing my journey at USC.

Career aspirations: Looking forward applying the knowledge acquired throughout my degree to provide and impact upon future generations as primary classroom teacher.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I was unsure of my ability to succeed at university, but I have found my experience at USC both successful and rewarding. As an ambassador, I have the opportunity to share my experience and make others aware that USC is the place that they too, can rise and shine.

What do you like about USC? As well as having the latest resources you need to succeed in your studies, USC has a welcoming and supportive environment. The tutors and lecturers are not only knowledgeable but are also approachable and happy to help. This creates a great campus community and with many other study and social support groups, coming to university is always enjoyable.