Nicole Lambert | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Nicole Lambert

High school attended: Capalaba State School

Degree: Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Target graduation date: 2021

My journey: I wanted to go to University when I left school 30 years ago, but instead took my parents advice to go straight into the workforce. University always remained in the back of my mind, and it wasn’t until I was several years post-divorce, as a sole parent in my early 40’s, that I seriously considered University as an option. I was really nervous at first, but the moment I stepped on campus, I knew that this is where I belonged.

Since starting my program, I’ve gained employment at USC as a Student Support Officer and also as a Research Assistant work at the Centre for Human Factors. I’ve been rewarded for my hard work through several merit-based awards and as a result, have met some amazing and inspiring people.

Career aspirations: I started off with the intention of becoming a Clinical Psychologist, however my work as a Research Assistant has sparked an interest in exploring research in the field of Psychology as a career direction. That’s the amazing thing about University, opportunities begin to open up and you sometimes find yourself going in a direction that you never even knew existed. I’m keeping my mind wide open at this stage. Whichever path I choose, I’d like to know that what I’m doing is making a difference to the lives of individuals.

Why did you become an Ambassador? The path to University isn’t always a linear one. I believe there are many people out there who would love the experience of University, but who may lack the resources, information or belief in their own ability. If I’d have had someone to encourage me and break down the barriers that I had to attending University, I would have done it years earlier. As an Ambassador, I want to help break down those barriers for others, to give people their best chance at achieving their dreams. I believe that brilliance exists in every one of us, we just need the opportunity and the self-belief to tap into it.

What do you like about USC? I love the culture of USC and the sense of community. Since I started studying 2 years ago, I’ve been awarded some amazing opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without the constant support of the USC community. The tutors and lecturers are so supportive and they actually want to see me achieve my dreams.