Rubie Orman - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Rubie Orman

High school attended: Maroochydore State High School

Degree: Bachelor of Science 

Target graduation date: Mid 2020. Really, just whenever I want to stop studying!

My journey: I came to university straight from high school. I was accepted into a Bachelor of Science and decided to change to a Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery after one semester. However, I realised Science was calling and changed back, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t change degrees! I am thoroughly enjoying this and I am wanting to complete research in animal conservation after graduating.

Career aspirations: I would like to finish my Bachelor of Education/Science and then complete research in animal conservation. I would like to educate others on this and create projects to save the environment and our animals. I may also teach high school Science.

Why did you become an Ambassador? I love studying at USC. I have thrived on the university life since I began and I still don’t want to leave. I want to share the passion and enjoyment I get out of studying at USC with others, in hopes that they can enjoy university as much as I have.

What do you like about USC? I like how many friendly faces there are on campus. I like that we get to know our class mates and tutors much more than we would if we had gone to a larger university. I love the community feel of USC and how at home I feel when I get to study here. It’s a great place to learn.