Sarah Johnson | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Sarah Johnson

High School attended: Chancellor State College 

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Honours) 

Target graduation date: 2023

My journey: I graduated high school in 2017. Throughout school, I was very interested in health and fitness and very involved in sport. I always thought that I would become a dietitian. Straight after high school, I came to USC to study a Bachelor of Dietetics. After a year of studying, I realised that learning about food was more of a hobby and that I would not enjoy a life working in this field. I then transferred to a completely different program: Engineering. I have just completed my first year of Engineering and, although it has been challenging at times, it has been very rewarding. I now feel as though I am studying something which is more aligned with my interests and personality. I am so excited for the future in this degree!

Career aspirations: Because I am new to the field of engineering and never gave it much thought in the past, I am still uncertain as to which specific field in civil engineering I would like to work in. My aspirations for my career are to be interested and challenged by my work. I want to work on projects which I am passionate about and that I can be proud of.

Why did you become an Ambassador? Because the University has helped me so much, I wanted to be a part of its growth and development. I want to share information which I wish that I had before starting university with potential students.

What do you like about USC? I like that the experience at USC is very personal. The small class sizes make it easy to interact with the lectures and tutors and ask for help. They are always willing to provide students with opportunities outside of the classroom. The high-performance student athlete program has also been a great help during my time at USC. Balancing travelling and training a lot for sport, part time work and studying a degree which requires a large time investment is not easy, however is made possible by the HPSA program. The athlete program coordinators do an amazing job at making life easier and less stressful for athletes.