Patient centricity - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Patient centricity

USC Clinical Trials trial participants are pivotal to the success of our clinical research endeavours, hence at USC much of our planning and service delivery is centred on patient experience, safety and outcomes.

  • We feel it is incumbent upon us to educate and inform our community on the importance of clinical trials and access to advanced therapies.
  • We promote the acknowledgement of clinical trial participants in the final publication of clinical trial results.
  • We promote that each participant on a USC clinical trial receives a lay summary of the clinical trial results to inform them of their participation and outcomes of the research study.
  • We ensure that participants should not be ‘out of pocket’ for the costs involved in attending clinical trial visits.
  • We ensure - that with the participant’s consent - the treating/referring physician and family are kept informed of progress.
  • We routinely solicit feedback from our trial participant in the form of surveys to measure and improve our service.