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About us

We were born from ambition. The ambition to develop a knowledge economy on the Sunshine Coast. That vison was realised when  USC commenced in 1996 with only 500 students. Twenty years later we have grown our community to over 13,000. with a forecast of achieving 20,000. by 2020. This makes USC one of the fastest growing regional universities in Australia committed to research excellence. Our history and resilience has influenced our ambition to expand our global footprint, to be part of the change we want to see in the world. In 2008, we realised that ambition by opening our International Development Division. Fuelled by purpose and passion, our team of experts have mobilised local talent equipped with strategies that address some of the world’s most challenging problems. We are economic development specialists with a portfolio of work that includes over 100 projects with over 2000 alumni. We are    a critical resource in the human development ecosystem, supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Why us

We create value in our client’s ecosystem and value chain. Making us an integral part of our client’s success. Our team of expert advisers are “master” diagnosticians who look beyond the facade of a problem to understand the root cause and source. Our diagnostic resources are an important part of our value proposition. Our model is underpinned by evaluation milestones to ensure delivery appropriately responds to our client’s needs.

  • We create solutions that are research informed bolstered by innovative approaches.
  • We collaborate to build a brains’ trust of expert facilitators and advisors to help clients achieve outcomes that are relevant, assessable and repeatable.
  • We connect people in our community.
We build capacity

Using our collective capability and expertise we integrate academic and world best practice to deliver results that improve livelihood improvements and economic growth in communities throughout the world. We share our research informed solutions and experiences with our alumni and clients to create real life solutions through a shared vision of building resilient communities. We are people driven by purpose, acting with passion, with the intrinsic desire to deliver effective outcomes through leadership beyond the classroom.

We broker change

We understand that change is the pathway to progress. Change requires ethical leadership and cultural contextualisation to ensure the right outcomes are achieved. We support clients in their pursuit to improve, by developing change strategies; supporting the change process through consultation and engagement; and managing project implementation.

We deliver project outcomes

We adopt agile project principles and are outcome-focused. Our success in facilitating positive change in our participants is a natural progression of constantly applying development basics. We have a resourceful and flexible team, capable of quick project rollouts with an attention to the “big picture” and holistic growth. Our service trajectory is shaped by a continuous inflow of participant feedback. Project components leading to improvement or positive responses are reiterated. We pride ourselves on participant satisfaction sustainable growth, scope flexibility and delivering quality products through an inspired team within short time cycles.

We achieve sustainability by applying a gender lens

We enable innovation through talent utilisation and commitment to optimising gender outcomes. Our lens ensures inclusion and expansion of our talent pool. Our expertise is in looking beyond the facade to understand the implication of projects and their impact on women and girls. We think and respond sustainably mobilising local talent to solve local problems.


“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.” - Kofi Annan

We believe that effective Governance is built upon: accountability, cohesion, strategic policy and efficient systems that support the needs of individuals, organisations and communities. We undertake a project impact assessment to design the consulting services we offer. We evaluate the skills required, the systems needed and implement plans to support the expectations of stakeholders to deliver specific and relevant outcomes.

Our approach is to employ evidence based capacity building to develop skills, build systems and support administrative structures that promote ethical and inclusive leadership. Our consulting services around Governance are underpinned by driving towards outcomes of economic growth, development of well-being and sustainable futures.

The consulting services are delivered by cultural, academic, gender and industry experts who can contextualise learning to cover:

  • Developing governance frameworks
  • Establishment of processes to manage conflicts of interest
  • Capacity building in governance capability
  • Optimising governance processes and systems
  • Monitoring and evaluation of policy and compliance
  • Governance risk assessments
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