How to unwind before bedtime

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How to unwind before bedtime


2 August 2017

It’s not uncommon for our mind and body to be on a different schedule when it’s time to relax for the day. As our head hits the pillow, our brain decides it’s time to solve all the world’s problems; our mind bounces from what we did that day to things we need to do tomorrow.

How you transition into bedtime can have a significant impact on your sleep quality. There are some simple techniques that you can do to unwind that will promote getting some quality shut-eye.

Make a list

Stress and worry can lead to a restless night. Make a list of things you need to do the next day or week; that way you aren’t making a mental list as you lay in bed.

Power down

Make a habit of turning off all technology at least an hour before bed and do not log back in until the next day. This includes TV, tablet, phone and social media. In additional to promoting healthy sleep habits, experts reveal that taking time away from your screen is important for many aspects of your health.

Take a warm bath

Soak up some warm suds to allow your body temperature to rise. Not only will you feel squeaky clean before getting into the sheets, when your body temperature drops after your bath you will relax instantly. You can even combine soothing music and aromatherapy oils (lavender or chamomile) to create your own serene atmosphere.

Down the lights

Our bodies naturally react to light, causing changes in our physiology and behaviour. For instance, as the sun goes down our body becomes more welcoming to sleep. Artificial light can be counterproductive to the body's natural relaxation process. For this reason it is important to use minimal light in the evening, such as a lamp, to keep your body clock on track.

Practice Gratitude

Think of three things that you are thankful for. Having positive thoughts will put your mind in a good headspace before retiring to bed. The science behind practicing gratitude reveals, people who regularly reflect and notice things they are thankful for experience all kinds of health benefits, including better sleep.

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