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Innovative Student Support Strategies arising from COVID-19

Webinar Series: Innovative student support strategies arising from COVID-19

Date: 14-16 October 2020

The Student Journey & Success Symposium Organising Committee invites you to forward a proposal for an upcoming series of webinars on new and successful initiatives your institution has introduced as a result of delivering student support services online and remotely.

2020 will go down as the greatest disruptor year in modern history, with universities among one of the most impacted industries globally. Yet, when the pandemic hit and campuses were closed almost overnight, services didn’t really stop. Classes continued online and university support areas adjusted their ways and continued to service students like never before.

Now is an opportune time to discuss with peers from across the sector just exactly what your work area and institution did under the theme of Innovative student support strategies arising from COVID-19.

Webinar approach

The Organising Committee welcomes contributions against our conference theme and is seeking proposals for interactive webinar presentations. Some possible topic areas include:

  • How your institution communicated and managed students remotely
  • How you managed staff during the pandemic to keep them motivated to support students
  • Collaborative efforts with other work areas to complete work tasks
  • How your institution supported students financially e.g. student hardship grants
  • How your institution managed international students to keep them enrolled
  • What online support services you introduced that have unexpectedly led to improved, positive outcomes for students
  • How you managed data to guide student interventions remotely
  • Where you have digitised key business processes that have led to improved retention, success and satisfaction;
  • Where your institution has partnered with third parties (e.g. vendors, other institutions) to develop a strategy to improve the student experience or outcomes;
Presentation styles

Presentations will normally be 30 minutes in length, inclusive of question and answer time. Webinars will be hosted on Zoom, so presenters will need to either share their screen or provide their slide pack to the Organising Committee in advance of the session. Zoom offers the ability to split participants into smaller break-out groups, so a workshop format may also be adopted for part of the session.
There is also the possibility that presenters may form part of an online panel discussion, where chat questions would be lodged and answered during the Symposium.

First time presenters are encouraged to submit proposals and should identify themselves as new presenters in their submission. Collaborative submissions with multiple presenters showcasing examples of effective collaboration or similar initiatives within and across universities, are most welcome.

Submitting a contribution

Contributions should be submitted to the Student Journey & Success Symposium Organising Committee via email at on or before Friday 21 August, 2020.

The submission should be a maximum of 200 words and include:

  • the title of your presentation or workshop
  • a summary of your presentation or workshop and what the audience can expect to hear/learn
  • the name of the presenter/s and name of your institution
  • the proposed presentation style (see above)
  • a biography of 100 words for each speaker.

Got questions? 

Contact Tony Reed, SJS Organising Committee Member

Tel: 07 5430 1212

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