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Pre-study modules

There are two pre-study modules new students are required to complete before you start your studies. You may be required to complete one or both of the modules, depending on your program of study. To view which module you are required to complete, view your Tasks tile in USC Central after you have enrolled in your courses.

Complete your modules early so that you can apply these values throughout your learning experience.

Students will be able to access the modules via Blackboard within 24 hours after you enrol in your courses.

Academic integrity and Respect at USC modules

USC is committed to embedding and fostering a culture of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility. To ensure these core values are understood, new undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to successfully complete the Academic Integrity and Respect at USC modules before they start their studies. If you've changed programs and have previously successfully completed the modules, you do not need to complete them again. TPP and Headstart students do not need to complete the Academic Integrity module.

These compulsory modules are designed to create a shared understanding of what it means to be a respectful member of the USC community that values academic integrity.

Each module has been designed to provide you with key information about academic honesty and respectful relationships early in your studies so that you can apply these values throughout your learning experience.

You only need to complete them once in your student life but you'll continue to have access to them if you want to refer back to the information.

How to complete the modules 

Once you have enrolled in your courses, log in to Blackboard and the modules will be visible on your dashboard or access each directly via Academic Integrity and Respect at USC.

Each module consists of quizzes to check your understanding and will take around 40-60 minutes to complete. You can save your progress and come back to complete.

To successfully complete the modules, you need to gain a score of at least 80 per cent in each Academic Integrity quiz to pass and complete the embedded quizzes in the Respect at USC module to progress through. Unlimited attempts are allowed. Once successfully completed, the hold should be automatically removed from your USC Central account within the hour.

What happens if I don't complete the modules? 

You'll notice a hold on your account in USC Central indicating which of the Academic Integrity or Respect at USC modules you still need to complete. You won't be able to access your final grades or unofficial transcript until you successfully complete the required modules.

Completing your modules early will help set you up for success in your studies so you can apply the learnings throughout the semester.

Fire and Emergency Preparedness Module (HSW)

This online training module is an annual requirement to ensure all students and staff know what to do in emergency situations at USC.

The module is compulsory and will take just 5 minutes to complete.

The Fire and Emergency Preparedness (HSW) module is not compulsory for online students unless you plan on attending a USC campus regularly during your studies, for example, to use the library.

How to complete the module

Once you have enrolled in your courses, log in to Blackboard and under 'Organisations' select 'Health Safety and Wellbeing Annual Training Modules (Students)'. The 'Fire and Emergency Preparedness Module' is compulsory, the Health, Safety and Wellbeing and Manual Handling module is highly recommended.

Lab induction modules

In order to be granted access to any USC laboratory, you must first complete your mandatory online laboratory induction. The purpose of the induction is to introduce you to the laboratory space, all safety equipment and emergency procedures. Find out more in your course outline, which will detail any requirements of courses with lab components.

HSW module

Once you have enrolled in your courses, log in to Blackboard and under the 'Organisations' tab select 'Health Safety and Wellbeing Annual Training Modules (Students)'.