Compulsory To-do Items - PG, HDR

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Compulsory To-do Items - PG, HDR


A number of checklist items will be displayed.

The items relevant to you will be displayed and may include one or a combination of the below items.

Ensure you read the below information about each item displayed in your list to understand your obligations:

FEE-HELP Form (Australian Citizens and Permanent Humanitarian visa holders only)
  • You can choose to either pay your fees up front or, if eligible, defer them to a FEE-HELP loan.

  • For FEE-HELP eligible students, you request FEE-HELP by completing your electronic FEE-HELP Form and entering your Tax File Number (TFN) by the Fee due date. Once you have successfully completed and submitted your FEE-HELP form and provided your TFN your fees will automatically defer to your HELP loan after the census date of the study period.

  • If you choose to pay your fees up front ensure you make payment by the fee due date shown on your invoice.
Understand your financial obligations
Student Services and Amenities Form (eSAF)
  • Australian citizens and Permanent Humanitarian visa holders must complete this form (unless you are a Cross institutional or Visiting student).

  • SA-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay for all, or part of, their Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).
    • How does SA-HELP work? If you use SA‑HELP, the amount will be added to your accumulated HELP loan. You can take out a SA‑HELP loan even if you do not take out any other HELP loan.
    • If you use SA-HELP you can make part or full payments by the fee due date and the remainder will defer to your HELP loan. Visit SA-HELP for more information.
Understand your financial obligations
Confirm your contact details

Ensure your contact details are correct including your phone number and email address details. Once you have checked all details tick the box to confirm and select 'accept'.

International students: Once you have arrived in Australia you must change your International mail address to your Australian mailing address.

  1. Select 'Edit'
  2. Change Country to Australia
  3. Enter your Australian mailing address and click OK to save.

Your permanent address in your home country cannot be changed on USC Central. To change your permanent address you need to visit student forms, scroll down to the 'Personal details - change request' heading and follow the instructions under 'change address'.

Confirm your personal details
  1. Confirm your personal details displayed are correct,
  2. Add or change your emergency contact/s,
  3. Answer the questions in the Citizenship details section and click 'next',
  4. Continue to answer the questions in each section until complete
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