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Enrol in your courses and classes

Now that you know which courses (subjects) you will study, you need to finalise your enrolment. This is a two-step process:

  1. Enrol in your courses 
  2. Select your class times 

Visit the Academic Calendar for other key dates.

Students commencing in Semester 2, 2020
Enrol in your courses (subjects)

Once course enrolment opens:

  1. Log in to USC Central
  2. Select Manage Enrolment
  3. Search for courses by entering the course code (e.g. COR109 and study location. Select Search (Note: You may have to choose from the available enrolment terms, e.g. Semester 2, before you can search for courses)
  4. Select the course
  5. Select the available Course Component (e.g. Tutorial).
  6. Select the class
  7. Select Add Enrolment
  8. You will see a confirmation that the class has been added.
  9. Select Return to Course Search Page and repeat steps 3-8 to enrol in each of your courses.

To view the courses you are enrolled in, select Update Class Times.

Note: If you enrol in a course but don't select a class time or drop it from your enrolment before census date, you'll still be required to pay the fee for the course. You can swap or add courses up until the end of week 2, and remove courses from your enrolment up until census date. View key dates in the academic calendar.

View instructions in the How to enrol in your courses Guide (PDF 625KB).

Select your class times - from Monday 22 June 2020

Plan your preferred class times from Friday 19 June 2020 using the online timetable planner. Please note class times can change.

When class selection opens on Monday 22 June 2020, follow the below steps to select your class times for each of the courses you enrolled in for your first semester:

  1. Log in to USC Central
  2. Select Manage Enrolment
  3. Select Update Class Times then the term you are selecting classes for.
  4. Select the course
  5. You will need to select your preferred class time for each available Course Component (e.g. Laboratory, Lecture, Tutorial, Workshop).
  6. Select your preferred class time from the list and ensure you select the correct campus location.
  7. Once you have selected class times for each Course Component, you will see a tick next to each of them.
  8. Select Add Enrolment
  9. You will see a confirmation that the class has been added to your timetable.
  10. Select Return to Course Search Page and repeat steps 3-9 to enrol in each of your courses.

Follow the instructions in the Select your class times Guide (PDF 759KB).

Once you have selected your class times:
View your class timetable to confirm your enrolment

View your class timetable in USC Central to confirm you are enrolled in the courses you selected.

Follow the instructions in the View your class timetable Guide (PDF 500 KB).

Once you are enrolled, learn how to manage your enrolment.

To prove your enrolment to Centrelink, print an unofficial transcript from USC Central:

  1. Log in to USC Central
  2. Select Transcripts
  3. Select Unofficial Academic Record from the drop-down menu, then select Submit
Generate your invoice

Once you have enrolled in your courses you can generate your invoice for the study period. Please note, if your enrolment is for courses in a future year the Tuition Fees will not be shown until the end of January in that year. Your fees will vary according to the courses you enrol in and whether you are a Commonwealth supported student, a Fee-paying student or an international student.

If you have applied and are eligible for HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and/or SA-HELP your fees will display on your account until after census date, when they will be deferred to your HELP loan. If you have successfully set up your HELP loans, this will be shown on your invoice.

If you are not eligible for HELP assistance, are an international student, or if you choose to pay your fees upfront, you must pay them by the due date on your student invoice. Visit How to pay your fees for instructions and fee payment options.

For fee due dates and census dates visit the Academic Calendar.