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Plan your study - UG and PG


It is important to understand your program structure and plan your courses for the upcoming semesters/trimesters/sessions - this is referred to as managing your progression. It will help you choose the right courses (subjects) to study at the right time and complete the required unit value to graduate from your degree when you plan to.

It is each student's responsibility to enrol correctly according to your course requisites, program rules and requirements, and to be aware of the academic calendar dates.

You need to refer to your program structure and recommended study sequence on the 'What will I study?' tab on your program page.

If you are unsure of some of the terminology used, search Student Central FAQs for an explanation. If you need some assistance please contact Student Central.

Choose your courses (subjects) for your first semester
  1. View your program page, and select the ‘What will I study?’ tab.
  2. Select your location, starting year and semester from the drop-down menus to view your program structure and recommended study sequence.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Download PDF. We recommend you download and save the PDF to refer to in future study planning.
  4. Check the commencing program structure and the current recommended study sequence – you should follow these when enrolling.
  5. Note the course codes (eg COR109) for each of the courses you plan on studying.
    • If you're enrolling as a full-time student (3-4 courses per semester) enrol in your courses in the order shown in your recommended study sequence.
    • If you're enrolling as a part-time student (1-2 courses per semester), or if you have received credit for prior studies please follow the instructions at Managing your progression.
Study Abroad or Exchange students

As a Study Abroad or Exchange student you will have received advice from USC International regarding the courses you have been approved to enrol in.

If you have not yet chosen your courses, or would like to select additional courses, refer to the Study Abroad course choice list. Send your new course selection to choose the courses you need to for approval.

Once you have finalised your course selection move onto the next step to enrol in your courses and classes.

Plan your courses for future enrolments

Visit managing your progression for instructions to plan your future enrolments. It will explain how to: 

  • Note the requisites and semester of offer to ensure courses are completed in the required order.
  • Check your program requirements as you must meet these to be eligible to graduate.
  • Electives can be used to complete a major or minor in a specified area of interest, or, to study any course that you find interesting.
  • All programs have a restriction on the number of introductory level (100 coded) courses you can study.
  • When managing your progression, ensure the unit value of your completed and remaining courses equals the total units required for your program.
  • Review your plan each semester as requisites and semester of offer are subject to change.
Need assistance?

Contact Student Central.

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