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Plan your study - UG and PG

It is important that you plan your enrolment each year to make sure you choose the right courses (subjects) to study, at the right time, so you can graduate from your degree when you plan to.

If you are unsure of some of the terminology used, search Student Central FAQs for an explanation.

It is your responsibility to enrol correctly according to your course requisites, program rules and requirements, and to be aware of the academic calendar dates.

Choose your courses (subjects) for your first year
  1. View your program page, and select the What will I study? tab.
  2. Select your location, starting year and semester from the drop-down menus to view your program structure and recommended study sequence.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Download PDF. We recommend you download and save the PDF to refer to in future study planning.
  4. Check the commencing program structure and the current recommended study sequence – you should follow these when enrolling.
  5. Note the course codes (eg COR109 for each of the courses you plan on studying.
  6. It's recommended you select your courses for the full academic year. If you need to change which courses you study at a later date, you can do this up until the end of Week 2 of the semester.
    • If you're enrolling as a full-time student (3-4 courses per semester) enrol in your courses in the order shown in your recommended study sequence.
    • If you're enrolling as a part-time student (1-2 courses per semester), or if you have received credit for prior studies, please follow the instructions via managing your progression.
International students

Follow the instructions above to choose your courses (subjects) for your first year. However, please note that as a condition of your Student visa, you are required to complete your program within the standard duration, or by the end date listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

If you enrol in less than the courses (subjects) listed on your study plan in any semester, trimester or session, you must make sure that you can make this course up in a non-compulsory study period (eg Summer session).

Additionally, you cannot study more than one-third of your overall program online or by distance education and you must have at least one face-to-face course in each compulsory study period (eg semester, trimester or session).

Contact USC International on if you have questions about how your enrolment may impact your Student visa.

Study Abroad or Exchange students

As a Study Abroad or Exchange student you will have received advice from USC International regarding the courses you have been approved to enrol in.

If you have not yet chosen your courses, or would like to select additional courses, refer to the Study Abroad course choice list. Send your new course selection to choose the courses you need to for approval.

Once you have finalised your course selection move onto the next step to enrol in your courses and classes.