Respond to your offer - TPP, Diploma, UG (B, AD, Dip), PG - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Respond to your offer - TPP, Diploma, UG (B, AD, Dip), PG

Log in to USC Central using your USC username and password provided in your offer email.

USC Central is the online system you use to manage your enrolment and personal details, including completing offer tasks, enrolling in courses (subjects) and selecting your class times, updating your personal details and viewing your financial details, grades and exam timetables.

Respond to your offer as soon as possible or your offer may lapse.

Domestic students

Once logged in to USC Central , select ‘Offers’ and follow the prompts to accept or defer* or decline. If you are taking up your deferred place and have already accepted, select the 'Tasks' tile to complete your pre-enrolment tasks.

If you applied through QTAC, you must also respond to your offer through QTAC's Application Services. If you have missed the QTAC response date, contact our Student Central team to check if it is still possible to reinstate your offer.

*Most TPP and Undergraduate students can defer their place for up to two years. Students studying the Bachelor of Business (Honours), Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours), Bachelor of Nursing (Honours), Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours) and Postgraduate students are not eligible to defer.

If you have selected to defer, we will contact you in the future with information on how to take up your deferred place, so you must ensure your details are up-to-date. If you defer in error or would like to change your response before the start of the semester, select the ‘Offers’ tile then the 'Change Offer Response' button.

International students

You can log in to USC Central using the username and password provided to you after you accepted your offer to study at USC. Once logged in, select the 'Tasks' tile and complete your pre-enrolment tasks.

Complete your tasks

Once you’ve responded to your offer, you’ll be prompted to complete your pre-enrolment tasks, which includes updating your details, confirming your program requirements and applying for HECS-HELP.

We recommend completing the HELP task on a desktop computer using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please ensure your browser allows pop-ups. TPP students do need to complete the 'Request for HELP' task but are not required to add your Tax File Number.

Your program requirements task

Your pre-enrolment tasks will include a Program Requirements task.

If your degree requires you to complete a major and/or minor, you’ll be prompted to select them in your Program Requirements task. You need to do this before you can enrol in your courses.

If you are not 100% sure what you would like to do, don't worry. You should select the major and/or minor you think you’d like to do. Then, after you enrol you can make an appointment with our Career Development team to discuss your choices and career pathways so you can finalise your selections before the semester begins.


Selecting your Majors and Minors

Majors and minors are a set sequence of courses (subjects) from an area of study which build your specialised knowledge and expertise, and will be shown on your testamur when you graduate.

To help you make your decision, check your program requirements on the What will I study? tab on your program page to see whether you have any required or compulsory majors or minors in your degree. Explore some of the subject areas you may not be immediately familiar with and think about where you hope your degree will you take you when making your selection.

Your program notes will specify if any of your required major or minor options must be started in your first semester of study to complete your degree in the minimum time.