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Six tips to make the most of Orientation

4 Jun 2021

Orientation is all about getting prepared and feeling confident before classes begin... but mostly it's about YOU!

There’s plenty going on across the week, with a mix of on-campus and online activities - but it's hard to know what to expect or what to attend. So, here are a few insider tips for Orientation week that will help point you in the right direction and give you some inspiration for your Orientation experience.

1 - Don't snooze on your Program session

If there's one thing you should attend, it's your Program Welcome. In the session, you will gain insight into your program structure, what to expect from your courses and how to prepare for classes - making you top of the class already. Here, you can meet your teaching staff and have a chat with other new students studying the same program.

In preparation, watch your Program Information video which shares handy information about the course structure, topics covered and program support. So, make sure you checkout your Program Information video, the Orientation program and bookmark your Program Welcome session.

2 - Learn the best spots on campus

Think of your campus as your personal study space. You’ll probably spend a bit of time there over the next couple of years so it pays to know what’s available and how to get around.

Before Orientation, check out the Orientation online resources to learn all about your campus and download a map. Once you're on campus, attend your Welcome or Get Started session for an overview of the campus and support that’s available. Take a campus tour and let a current student show you the best spots to eat, grab a coffee and hang out and study.

Studying with us online? Feel free to join in and attend your nearest USC on-campus Orientation.

3 - Enjoy workshops from wherever you are

Did you know you can start taking workshops before Orientation begins... and learn from wherever you are? There are loads of skills and development workshops like learning the IT and Blackboard essentials, reading and notetaking or balancing your studies. The pre-semester online workshops run two weeks before Orientation as well as during Orientation week.

“There was a wide range of topics covered which left me feeling more comfortable to start studying and more familiar with the processes at the university.” USC Student, Orientation Semester 1 2021.

4 - Connect and support your studies

Even if you don’t need it now, knowing what resources and support is available will help you when you have questions or concerns later on. There are go-to teams for all types of students and they're here to help you settle into uni, provide study strategies, give job and career advice or provide a supportive space when you just need to talk to someone.

So, chat to the student support teams that will be on the ground at Orientation or check out the student support page.

5 - Get the low-down from current students

Orientation is your opportunity to mingle with current students and get their insight into your program, USC clubs, on-campus events and USC facilities – so come prepared with questions. You can chat with current students at the on-campus activities and in some of the workshops and sessions.

“I loved how there were students who were studying as well to give advice eg- ‘I wish someone told me XYZ... when I started” USC Student.

6 - Find a hobby and a buddy or two

Start connecting with other students before Orientation by joining your Campus Facebook Group - it's a great space to ask questions and get tips from your peers.

At Orientation, have a chat with different clubs, sports groups or staff to find out what goes on throughout the semester. Make sure you get involved in the activities on the day, it's the perfect opportunity to meet other students with similar interests and hobbies.

Most importantly, just enjoy the experience and get what you need from it.

“(Orientation) is a great way to suss out the campus and make sure I could find my way around before jumping straight into the deep end.” USC Student, Orientation Semester 1, 2021