Student loan scheme - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Student loan scheme

The University of the Sunshine Coast's student loan scheme provides short-term loans to students who are Australian, Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders, New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents currently enrolled in a USC degree program.

Student loans
  • up to A$500 (maximum) are available (with approval of Student Services and Engagement)
  • are approved for the term of a semester only and are to be repaid within this term - (NOT yearly), and
  • usually take up to seven working days for approval and processing
Expenses covered by loan scheme
  • textbooks, study-related materials (does not include consumables such as stationery), study aids or faculty based learning placement related costs.
Expenses not covered
  • HECS, Library fines or other University fees and charges, and
  • general living expenses such as rent, bond, telephone, rates, electricity bills, holiday expenses, airfares, family expenses, insurance, fines or court costs
Criteria for assessment of loan applications

Loan applicants must:

  • have permanent Australian residency status
  • be enrolled in a degree program
  • demonstrate a clear need for the loan (provide as much evidence as you can to support your application), and
  • demonstrate an ability to make regular repayments and repay the loan in full within the specified time
Steps to apply for a loan
  1. Complete the Student Loan Scheme Application Form (PDF 171KB).
  2. Completed forms and all supporting documentation must be fowarded via email to 
  1. Have you completed the Student Loan Scheme Application Form?
  2. Do you have your bank account details? (Cash transfers only).
  3. Do you have your proof of income? (Eg. Austudy or pension information, payslips, etc that will support your loan application).
  4. Do you have official academic book quotes or quotes for associated study-related purchases?
  5. Do you have a letter of proof from the Faculty Placement Coordinator (if applicable)?

Study can be hard on your finances. Saving and budgeting tips provide useful links to resources and websites that can assist with developing a saving plan.

Loan approvals

Allow seven working days for loan approval and payment. Payments for new textbooks from the Co-op Bookshop are paid directly to Co-op. Payments for second-hand textbooks and computers are made by EFT into the applicant's chosen account.

Loan repayments
  • A printable online invoice is available on USC Central under My Finances > View Invoice > View New Invoice.
  • Your invoice will show your balance, reference numbers and payment methods.
  • Loans are to be repaid with the term of the semester the loan is granted.
  • Repayments are NOT debited from the student bank account.
  • Students must make regular repayments (fortnightly or monthly) to repay the loan within the required semester term.
  • If you cease your enrolment at the University of the Sunshine Coast, repayment of the loan in full is required immediately.
Loan reviews

If you are unable to comply with the contract of your loan, you should contact Student Services and Engagement, where new arrangements may be discussed in keeping with your changed circumstances.


If you have not contacted Student Services and Engagement to review your loan and your loan is not repaid according to your agreement, penalties will apply.

  • academic transcripts and results for the semester may be withheld
  • you may not be able to graduate or receive your degree certificate.
  • re-enrolment may be prevented

More information

Contact Student Services and Engagement for more information about the student loan scheme.