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Enrol in your courses for Study Period 2 now | On-time course selection closes 29 May

7 May 2020

Key enrolment dates for Study Period 2 2020 have recently changed in response to USC's adaption to COVID-19. On-time course selection will now close Friday 29 May.

Make sure you enrol in all your courses before the cut-off date so you have the opportunity to select your class times earlier than those who don't!

It is still unclear when measures and restrictions, currently in place in response to COVID-19, will ease.

At this point in time, we are hopeful that we will be able to return to on-campus tutorials, pracs and lab sessions within the first few weeks of Semester 2 with social distancing measures in place to safeguard your wellbeing. Lectures however will continue to be delivered fully online as it is unlikely that we will be able to have congregations of large groups for some time to come. While our plan is to provide a blended technology-enabled approach (lectures online and tutes, pracs and labs on-campus) we will also continue to offer students the opportunity to study fully online should they choose to do so, as we recognise that some of you may have health concerns such as compromised immunity and will feel safer continuing to study online in semester 2.

Help us to help you!

Enrolling in all your required courses on-time will help us plan the Class timetable better, minimising possible class clashes at class selection time.

Plan your study properly

Check your recommended study sequence to find out what courses you need to enrol in.

If you need advice, get it now! Contact a Progression Adviser in Student Central as soon as possible for assistance.

Check if Curriculum changes will impact your studies

To view these changes and find out if they will affect you, visit Curriculum Changes in Blackboard before you enrol.

Get in early to select your class times

Enrolling on-time means you can select your classes earlier than those who don’t. When Class selection opens you will have the added advantage of choosing class times that better suit your needs.

The revised date for Class timetable release (for viewing and planning purposes only) is Friday 19 June 2020.

Check the Academic calendar for your revised class selection date.

More information

Follow the How do I enrol? instructions.

Need advice?

If you need more help, please contact Student Central.