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Finding work in a time of COVID-19

2 Apr 2020

Job hunting can be tough, even without a global pandemic underway. In times like these, we need to be responsive, entrepreneurial, innovative and creative with our search for work.

The Careers and Employability team are here to support you in your job hunt. We’ve put together a comprehensive resource filled with tips and advice to assist students who may be facing job losses or who are looking for work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download the full guide on Student Hub.
The comprehensive resource covers the following topics.

Job search tips

  • Identify high priority areas: Think of essential services that are now in high demand (healthcare, food supply, cleaning services, delivery services, telephone advice lines etc).
  • Creative job hunting and keywords: Type ‘urgent’ or ‘immediate start’ into a job search engine. Search by a whole category rather than a specific job title. Follow companies on social media for breaking news.
  • Keyword suggestions for job searches: Brainstorm keywords related to the current crisis and topics in the media.
  • Stance and attitude: Remain positive! Approach the job market with determination, talk to as many people as you can about opportunities, don’t be fussy and keep active on LinkedIn.
  • Tackling the competition: Brush up your resume, interview and networking skills. Setup job alerts and prepare your voicemail to receive calls from employers.

Careers and employability services
The careers and employability team are an understanding and professional team here to support you in times of need. We are available for phone drop in support, video conferencing appointments and delivery of career related workshops and webinars. There are over 200 resources available on Student Hub to assist with employability including a resume guide, job application resources, interview and LinkedIn guides and more.

Curated job searches
We’ve put together some pre-curated job searches to get you started!

Download the full resource on Student Hub, check out the current Jobs of the Week blog or contact Careers and Employability for support.

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