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Scam alert - student fees

30 Jun 2020

It appears that a number of students have been caught up in a scam where a third party offers to pay student fees at a discounted price. What usually happens is that students are contacted (sometimes through other students) and asked to give their login details for their USC student account to a third party. The third party then pays the student’s fees in full using stolen credit card details.

When the student’s fees are paid, the third party requests the student transfer the discounted fee amount to the third party. Some weeks, or months, later the bank requests the money paid to the University be refunded, as the credit card transactions were not authorised by the credit card holder.

Unfortunately, students who have made these arrangements will have to repay their University fees again as well as any bank charges associated with reversing the payments. These charges can amount to several hundred dollars. The University is also obliged to report the fraudulent transactions to the police.

Please note that USC will never make arrangements with a third party for discounted fees. The only way to pay fees is to pay directly through your student account. Students are also warned that they should not share their student ID or login details with anyone.

If you have made these arrangements with a third party to pay your fees, and the University has yet to notify you that the payments were fraudulent, please get in touch with our Coordinator of Student Grievances by calling (07) 5459 4740 or email You will need to provide details of the arrangements made to pay your fees and provide any contact details you have in relation to the transaction arrangements. The Coordinator, Student Grievances will be able to give you advice on what to do next and provide referrals where appropriate.