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Take time - for mental health

7 Oct 2020

World Mental Health Day (10 October) kicks off Queensland Mental Health Week (10 - 18 October), raising awareness for individual and community mental health and wellbeing.

This year's theme is Take time - for mental health. Let's take time for mental health together - at home and uni. Here are some tips and resources to help you take some time to look after your mental health and wellbeing, break down the stigmas associated with mental illness and reach out to people in our communities who need support.

Take time - to connect more

Feeling connected to people, groups, places and culture play an important part in your mental wellbeing - spend time with family and friends, inviting classmates for lunch, or joining a team or club.

Take time - to show kindness

Practising small acts of kindness, volunteering time, or helping a friend can help you feel more satisfied with life - acts of gratitude create strong positive emotions, and practising them regularly will also help build your mental resilience.

Take time - to embrace nature

Connecting with the outdoors and taking care of the planet is the best recipe for world wellbeing - spending time in nature has been shown to have wider health benefits like building your immune system and lowering your blood pressure.

Take time - to keep learning

Keep your mind engaged with new ideas and experiences - doing regular mental challenges, such as researching and writing your uni assessments, trains your brain, improving the effectiveness of its mental pathways.

Take time - to take notice

Paying more attention to the present and the world around you can help you relieve stress - you can practise mindfulness anywhere by taking a deep breath, then allowing yourself to focus only on what is happening in that moment.

Take time - to get healthy

Take good care of your body, it's one of the most important things you can do to improve your mental wellbeing. Here's how USC Sunshine Coast student, Cael Kilham, stays healthy:

"It's an ongoing struggle to make healthy choices, but I think the best thing I do is get outside and walk. It's physical exercise but more importantly, for me, it gets me out of my head and lets me emotionally refresh and reset. I just need to do it more often!

If you have any questions, need some help and would like to speak with someone please reach out to the USC Student Wellbeing team.

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