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Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Workshops

8 Mar 2021

The QLD Human Rights Commission and the QLD Council for LGBTIQ Health are delivering a number of online workshops designed to broaden your knowledge on aspects of Diversity and Inclusion and to enhance your professional practice.

Join us for a two-hour online workshop on Sexuality and Gender Identity ‘Becoming a USC Ally', Unconscious Bias Awareness or Gender Identity and Discrimination from 23 March to 17 May.

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Unconscious Bias Awareness workshop

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of what unconscious bias is, where it comes from, and how much it can affect decision-making. Learn how to identify and counteract unconscious bias.

When: Tuesday 23 March, 10am–12noon and Tuesday 13 April 10am-12noon.

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Gender Identity and Discrimination workshop

Join us for this workshop to gain an understanding of gender identity as defined by the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 and the protections provided by the Act for trans and gender diverse people.

When: Friday 26 March, 10am-12noon and Monday 17 May, 1-3pm.

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Sexuality and Gender Identity workshop - Do you want to be a USC Ally?

Learn about:

  • LGBTIQ terminology
  • Sexual orientation and Gender identity
  • Myths, values, and stereotypes associated with LGBTIQ
  • Different types of discrimination
  • Factors that make it difficult for LGBTIQ students and staff

When: Workshops available Wednesday 7 April, 10am–12noon and Thursday 29 April 1–3pm.

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