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Enrol in your Study Period 2 courses by Sunday 2 May

29 Mar 2021

On-time course enrolment for Study Period 2 (includes Semester 2, Trimesters 2-3, and Sessions 5-8) closes Sunday 2 May - enrol in your courses now in USC Central.

Get in early to select your class times

Enrolling on-time means you can select your classes earlier than those who don’t. When Class selection opens you will have the added advantage of choosing class times that better suit your needs.

Help us to help you!

Enrolling in all your required courses on-time will help us plan the Class timetable better, minimising possible class clashes at class selection time.

Plan your study properly

Check your program structure and study sequence to find out what courses you need to enrol in. Visit Steps to manage your progression for more information.

Check if Curriculum changes will impact your studies

To view these changes and find out if they will affect you, visit Curriculum Changes in Blackboard before you enrol.

Timetable planner

The class timetable planner will be available for viewing and planning purposes only on Wednesday 26 May.

Check the Academic calendar for class selection dates.

Follow the How do I enrol? instructions.

Need advice?

If you need more help, visit the Student Central FAQs.