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No parking at Petrie Station car park
12 Jul 2021

Remember, Phillips Lane car park is reserved for rail commuters only.

Worth Celebrating - The VC congratulates Dr Helen Nahrung
26 May 2021

The VC congratulates Dr Helen Nahrung on receiving a Fulbright Future Scholarship

Mentor in the online meeting
Register for the USC Mentoring program
26 May 2021

Tap into a powerful network to advance your future career!

UniSA suffers cyber incident - be cautious if you receive an email you're not sure about
18 May 2021

If you receive an email that you're not sure about please don't risk it, forward the message to our IT Service Desk instead and we'll check it for you to make sure it's safe.

Academic Skills Q&A sessions
4 May 2021

Got a question? Ask a Learning Adviser!

Be cautious of employment offers from online study platforms
30 Apr 2021

Some online study platforms are seeking to employ students to promote their services to other students.