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Australian South Sea Islander Services

Australian South Sea Islanders are the direct descendants of South Sea Islanders who were brought into Queensland between 1863 and 1904 from 80 Pacific Islands.

USC acknowledges and supports the Queensland Legislative Assembly’s Recognition of Australian South Sea Islander people as a distinct cultural group, and the significant contributions they have made to the social, cultural and economic development of this state.

The University is also committed to assisting the government in addressing areas of need identified by the Australian South Sea Islander community including education and employment.

Indigenous Services works in collaboration with Islander representatives and groups, and the Australian South Sea Islander Community Foundation, to promote and encourage education opportunities for Australian South Sea Islander people.

The University provides services and facilities for Australian South Sea Islander people to pursue tertiary education goals and their career aspirations.

Australian South Sea Islander Tutorial Assistance

Australian South Sea Islander students are eligible to receive additional tuition, including individual and/or group tutoring to assist with tertiary study.

Student responsibilities
  • Students should contact their tutor as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule, if unable to attend tutoring.
  • If a student is absent from two or more consecutive tutorial sessions no further tutorial support will be provided.
Tutor responsibilities
  • Tutors are contracted for a specified time period per subject per teaching week.
  • Tutors will receive an approval letter confirming the number of tutorial hours per student per course.
  • It is expected that tutors are sensitive to, and can relate to, the educational needs of Australian South Sea Islander students.

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