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Grievance Resolution (WIL) Stage 3 Formal

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Grievance details
I am seeking an Appeal against a decision related to Work Integrated Learning after having tried to formally resolve the matter as a Stage 2 Grievance.
To progress with an appeal, you must provide information and evidence in support of your appeal submission. For example, factors that the review decision did not take into account, new information relevant to the matter and procedural errors should be specified. It is not sufficient for you to assert circumstances, performance or changes to circumstance without some evidence to substantiate or support your claims.
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Independent support
All students are entitled to seek independent support and advice regarding a complaint or grievance from the Student Guild. USC encourages students to contact the Guild to discuss their complaint or grievance prior to commencing formal grievance procedures. The Student Guild can be contacted on (07)5456 3742 or email

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