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Self-serve printing instructions

Did you know?

Printing from a USC computer is the best way to print!

Printing from a USC computer allows you to change how your file will print out. You can adjust the print properties to 1 or 2 sided; reduce or enlarge; change the print orientation; layout multiple slides or pages per sheet, plus much more.

Printing from a USC computer is also the most reliable way to print your complex files with lots of images, graphs, layers, columns, or special fonts.

How to:

How to create a MyPrint account
USC students:

Log in to MyPrint using your USC username and password. The first time you log in, you'll be prompted to create your MyPrint account.

  • Add credit to your MyPrint account, before you can print or photocopy.
  • Set your 4 digit PIN to secure your MyPrint account.
  • You will need to remember your USC Student ID number and 4 digit pin to login to a printer.
USC Guests:

Create a Guest Account to access the MyPrint website and self-serve copying and printing facilities.

  • To create a Guest Account you will need a valid personal email address. MyPrint will communicate with you via this email address.
  • Guest accounts are active for 24 months.
  • Refer to the detailed instructions on the MyPrint Help page to Create a Guest Account.
How to set your 4 digit PIN
On the MyPrint website:
  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select 'Change Your Settings'.
  3. Select 'Account PIN' and enter a new 4 digit PIN.
  4. Select 'Change'.
At a self-serve printer:
  1. Login as Student/Guest.
  2. Enter your ID number.
  3. When prompted to enter your new PIN, create your own 4 digit number then press Ok. You will be prompted to enter your 4 digit PIN again to confirm it, then press Ok.
  4. Your PIN is now set. You will use this PIN every time you want to print or photocopy.
How to change your 4 digit PIN
On the MyPrint website:
  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Select 'Change Your Settings'.
  3. Select 'Account PIN' and enter a new 4 digit PIN.
  4. Select 'Change'.
How to add credit to your MyPrint account
  1. Login to MyPrint.
  2. Check your account balance and select 'Add Value'.
  3. Choose a preset amount or type in 'Other Amount'.
  4. Select 'Proceed to Payment'. DO NOT refresh your browser.
  5. You will be transferred to USC's secure Online Payment site to enter your credit card details. Visa or MasterCard accepted.
  6. When your payment has processed, you will return to the MyPrint Account page for transaction confirmation.
  7. MyPrint will also send you a confirmation email.
  8. Click 'OK' to go to your account and see your new balance.

How to spend your SSAF credit

Spend your SSAF credit on self-serve printing and copying.

  • As you spend, your SSAF credit will be used first. When it is depleted, you will start using your MyPrint credit.
  • Your balance displayed at the printer is your SSAF credit and MyPrint credit combined.

Spend your SSAF credit by purchasing products on the MyPrint Shop.

  • When you checkout, your SSAF credit will be automatically deducted first. You can pay any outstanding balance with your own MyPrint credit or Visa/MasterCard.
  • If you have enough SSAF credit to pay for your MyPrint Shop order, you will be taken straight to the transaction confirmation screen.

Pay for printing or binding services at Print Services, Sunshine Coast.

How to request a refund of personal print credit
  1. Read the MyPrint - Full refund and credit guidelines to check if you are eligible.
  2. Contact Print Services to request a full refund.