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Student Diary Cover Artwork Competition


'Let's Be Human Together' by Lauren Armand is the winning design entry of the 2020 USC Student Diary Cover Artwork Competition.

The theme of the Competition was “Together, We All Belong”.

Lauren's artwork entry will be featured on the cover of the 2020 Student Diary and may also be displayed at USC campuses in posters and publications throughout the year.

Cion Paiwan, is the cover artist for the 2019 Student Diary. Find out below what inspired her to create her 2019 winning artwork entry 'Unseen Women'.

2020 winner - 'Let's Be Human Together' by Lauren Armand
About Lauren's artwork

‘My general approach was probably intuitive for this piece. The theme this year is “together we all belong”, and to me, that means just being human together. No matter who you are, how you dress or how you like to boogie, I like to boogie too. So, let’s just all be human together.

'Let's Be Human Together' came from a very personal place from recent experiences. I had just arrived back from an interesting trip overseas, and decided to soak up what was left of the mid-year holidays drawing and listening to music. I had just experienced a bit of a sensory overload of culture and colour in Laos.

I’m sure I share this with the majority of the population in saying there is something about music that just loosens you up. I wanted to be able to convey that feeling without needing to say much.

Having just experienced some culture shock, the one thing that was vibrantly clear was there is something about rhythm and dance that seems to bring us all closer to each other – even if you’re no good.

I was standing at the night markets in Laos and there was a group of kids just dancing in the street to this upbeat, fun drum beat. It was infectious, I joined in. We didn’t speak the same language, but we shared a connection and in that moment we all just belonged.

I drew from that exact experience and while I only had a short trip, I felt a connection to it long after, and still now.

When I step back and look at the piece, the words and feelings that come to mind are happiness, freedom, alive, fun and excitement. To me it is an exciting piece to look at, as your eyes move around, you are either looking at the feet, or the loose arms, the hair that just doesn't care. It’s a fun journey to go on, and one I hope a lot of people will relate to.

What was important was that even if you were to take the words away, the loose lines and vibrant colours all convey the same message ... together, we all belong.' 

About Lauren

Lauren is a third-year Bachelor of Design student majoring in Graphic Design and Animation.

Her artwork is inspired by one of her first-year tutors, Phyllis Araneo, her spirit and art.

On a day-to-day, Lauren is inspired by other creative minds, usually on Behance or Dribbble, online communities where designers and artists can share their work and gain inspiration. In her daily activities, for example being outside, she often finds being surrounded by nature is where she is her happiest.

2019 winner - 'Unseen Women' by Cion Paiwan 
About Cion's artwork

This painting reflects on the many things women have taught us and done for us over time that go unseen. From looking after our families and our environment mentally and physically ensuring everyone gets their share of love.

Women are the carriers of life which is why this painting contains lots of spirals as that is life beginning. Shows of land form creations, water creation stories, spirituality and connectedness to our roots of mother earth. The bright colours in the background represents the colourfulness of life that exist. Every dot represents a woman and many trials and tribulations we go through on our journeys. There are two women’s faces in this painting that represent the physical and spiritual woman. The three spirit women represent my two grandmothers and my mother who inspire me to be a strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman.

The NAIDOC theme for this year is because of her, we can and this painting for me shows that because of our women we can live, love, breathe and create.

My main concept of unseen women is about mother earth and her unseen creation of all. In regard to the theme ' Together we all belong', we all belong to mother earth regardless of ethnicity, gender, colour, orientation, ability, religion etc and those things are what divide us when we all have one common cause which is to protect and respect our mother earth TOGETHER for a better future for all generations to come.

About Cion

Cion is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman, currently studying a Bachelor of Environmental Science at USC.

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