Student Leadership Symposium - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Student Leadership Symposium

The USC Student Senate together with the Careers and Employability team delivers the USC Student Leadership Symposium annually.

Each year all students are invited to attend this prestigious event where they develop valuable professional and leadership skills.

The event was hosted via zoom in 2020 and the theme was 'Well-being and Leadership'.

Recording of sessions are available under resources in StudentHub.

Details of the 2021 program will be available early in Semester 1.
What students gained from attending the Student Leadership Symposium:

“Reassurance and knowledge that where you start doesn't necessarily dictate where you end up.”

“Knowledge, good food, ideas, new people to collaborate with, leadership award points and inspiration.”

“So much! I learnt that other people have the same doubts, fears, and passions that I do and that nothing is impossible.”

Networking with other student leaders that I had not had the opportunity to meet previously. Being inspired by other students.