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Student Sponsorship Scheme

The Student Sponsorship Scheme is brought to you by your UniSC Student Senate and is designed to provide opportunities for UniSC students to access financial support to attend conferences that will enhance their employability and support their professional development.

Applications are open only to the pre-approved conferences and are subject throughout the year.
Self nominated conferences are not available at this stage.

What is sponsored?

UniSC Supported Conferences (listed below)

Sponsorship inclusions vary between conferences, but may include flights, accommodation, registration and transfers.

The University will organise your conference travel on your behalf, and students will be covered by UniSC’s travel insurance where conditions are met. Students may need to co-contribute to the conference if the allocated funding does not cover the entire cost.

Successful students who travel overseas may be eligible to apply for Income Replacement Bursary if their Government support payments as affected by their travel.


Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply for funding, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at UniSC and remain enrolled for the duration of the conference,
  • UniSC supported conferences are open to undergraduate, honours, postgraduate and HDR students.
  • Have completed at least one semester of study at UniSC before applying,
  • Have a minimum GPA of 4

Each conference has specific selection criteria - see below for full details.

Participation in the conference must not conflict with a student’s academic studies.

Students are eligible for one Sponsorship allocation per calendar year.


Sponsorship is awarded on a merit basis. Applications do not guarantee funding as they are assessed through a competitive application process.

Applications are blindly reviewed by UniSC staff members and are given an overall average rank based on how they address the selection criteria on the application form in Student Hub

Students who are presenting at a conference will be highly regarded.

How to apply?

UniSC Approved Conferences
Applications need to be submitted via StudentHub application form by the due date listed below on this page. A separate submission is required for each conference.

Late applications are not eligible. Students must notify the University of any change to the information provided in their application form. Refer to application dates below for each conference.

Current opportunities

Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress | 26-30 June 2023, Online

The Sustainability Research & Innovation (SRI) Congress is the world’s largest transdisciplinary gathering for the global sustainability community. The third edition of the SRI Congress, SRI2023, will be hosted by the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Panama and the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research in June 2023, bringing this global event to the Latin American and Caribbean Region. UniSC is offering a student the opportunity to tune in to this event virtually.

SRI unites more than 2000 global sustainability research leaders, government and civil society experts, funders and innovators to inspire action and promote a sustainability transformation. This global, annual event elevates diverse knowledge on sustainability, provides an inspiring platform to share innovative ideas, and creates an inclusive space for collaboration and action. SRI is a joint initiative of Future Earth and the Belmont Forum.

The four themes of SRI2023 are:
  1. Turning the Tide for Climate: Collaborative Action for Institutional Transformation,
  2. Healthy and Inclusive Communities,

  3. A Peaceful Planetary Mind, and

  4. Latin America and the Caribbean Science and Innovation for Sustainability.

Applications close 5pm Monday 12 June 2023. Apply here.

HERDSA Conference | 5 July 2023, Online

The Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) is an international association dedicated to the advancement of the higher and tertiary education sector by disseminating research and developing strong academic communities.

The annual HERDSA conference is scheduled to be held on 4-7 July at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane.

The virtual program is separate to the on-site program and will run for one-day only, on Wednesday 5 July 2023. Virtual delegates will also be given access to watch all on-site keynote presentations either live through the virtual conference portal or on-demand at a later date. The virtual conference portal will remain open for three months post conference for unlimited on-demand viewing.

Applications close 5pm Wednesday 14 June 2023. Apply here.

Student Voice Australia National Symposium | 26 September 2023, Online

Student Voice Australia National Symposium will bring together staff and students from Australian tertiary institutions to share their experiences of partnering with students for governance and decision-making.

The fully online symposium will this year again offer a range of formats including showcases, panel discussions, interactive group sessions and plenary presentations.

Applications close 5pm Sunday 3 September 2023. Apply here.

Upcoming opportunities

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) Conference  |  22-23 November 2023, Online

Save the dates for TEQSA's 7th Annual Conference.

More details will be coming soon.

CLOSED opportunities

Australian Teacher Education Association Conference | 12-14 July 2023, Online

Australian Teacher Education Association's (ATEA) 2023 conference will be hosted by the Australian Catholic University, in North Sydney Campus. The theme for the conference is Embracing Partnerships: Leading the Future of Teaching, Learning and Research.

Teacher Education increasingly relies on collaborative partnerships to transform innovative teaching, learning, professional practice and research. This conference theme recognises the broad range of partnerships across multiple contexts that contribute to innovative teaching, learning, professional practice and research activities in preparing and educating teachers. The conference discussions will focus on the multiplicity of innovative collaborative partnerships across teacher education contexts, in particular those within university, educational system, school, community, government, and industry spaces, and the interweaving of these perspectives.

UniSC sponsored 2x students to attend the ATEA conference virtually.

G-20 Quiz 2023 | 5 June 2023, Online

Let the power of your education bring pride to your university and your nation!

G-20 Quiz intends to evaluate the learner's aptitudes to take on 21st-century challenges of climate change - the most severe threat to humanity and preparedness for an increasingly globalised world.

The G-20 Quiz is a great way to improve the global perspective of students and a tool for their self-improvement. It assesses the knowledge and understanding of critical thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, and synthesising information.

The top 3 winners from every G-20 member country will be invited to the G-20 Education Summit 2023 in New Delhi, and honoured with trophies and a certificate of honour.

Humanitarian Leadership Conference | 26-28 April 2023, Online

The 2023 Humanitarian Leadership Conference will investigate why the system is ‘stuck’ and will propose ambitious and pragmatic ways to reinvigorate change. It will explore answers to key questions: what needs to change, how, and who needs to drive the change; across four key areas: funding for crisis response, organisational modelsmandates and motivations.

Building on momentum from the 2021 Humanitarian Leadership Conference, which explored ‘Who are the humanitarians?’ this ambitious event will reunite key actors – local, national, international and global – to deliver a better global disaster response system fit for the world in 2050.

UniSC sponsored 1x student to attend this conference virtually.

The Higher Education Technology Agenda | 16-19 April 2023, Brisbane

The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) is Australasia's number one biennial
conference promoting the intelligent use of information technology in higher education and research. The 2023 conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane.

THETA aims to advance higher education and research by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. THETA features a line-up of visionary speakers and thought-provoking presentations that paint the big picture on emerging trends and the future landscape in the intelligent use of information technology in higher education and research.

Beyond the important discussions and presentations at THETA, the conference is a significant opportunity for industry professionals to come together in person to connect, collaborate and network.

NASPA Student Affairs Conference | 1-5 April 2023, Online

The 2023 NASPA Annual Conference is a uniquely special event with featured speakers who engage participants in thoughtful reflection on the field, hundreds of educational sessions presented by over 1,000 student affairs educators, and networking events that engage and inspire us to do our work on campus. The gathering in Boston will be NASPA's 105th annual conference. UniSC is offering to support a student to attend the virtual conference.

As an organization, NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) is devoted to and guided by their 4 guiding principles: Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, and Inquiry. These principles are incorporated into the design, speaker selection, and program selection of their conferences.

ANZSSA Conference | 6-8 December 2022, Online

The Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association looks at student success and the overall student experience, the conference is aimed at widening perspectives of student success both within and outside of the classroom. The Conference will be held online from 6-8 December, 2022.

The USC Student Senate has a sponsorship opportunity for several student to attend the conference up to the value of $2,500. There will also be the opportunity to zoom in on campus as a group to meet fellow staff and students.

National Students as Partners Roundtable | 22-23 November 2022, Online

The 2022 Roundtable is being hosted by the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) and will be held online over two days- 22-23 November, 2022.

This years theme is: Sustainability: Developing pathways to transformative change. The event will consider partnerships exploring four key themes:

  • Partnerships maintained into the future
  • Transformative partnership outcomes
  • Highlighting social impact against the UNSDG’s
  • ‘Leave no one behind’ at the core of partnership
Australasian Council of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) Conference | 28-30 September 2022, The University of Sydney

Undergraduate students from all disciplines are invited to attend and submit an abstract for the 2022 Australasian Council of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) Conference. The conference will be hosted online by the Australian National University.

Success applicants are invited to apply through the Sponsorship Scheme to seek sponsorship.

Student Voice Australia Student Summit | 11-12 August 2022, Online

The Student Voice Summit in 2022, was where students will gather again (virtually) to explore how partnership and student voice looks now and into the future.

The Summit will include keynote speakers, facilitated and interactive sessions and opportunities to connect, learn from, and network with one another.

The 2022 Summit is free and welcomes all students from tertiary institutions across Australia, and we extend the invitation to our friends across Aotearoa. Student representatives, student partners, and students interested in the role of student voice in enhancing democracy in higher education are all invited!

Visit our website to view the program, including accessible version.

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