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Student Sponsorship Scheme

The Student Sponsorship Scheme is brought to you by your USC Student Senate and is designed to provide opportunities for USC students to access financial support to attend conferences that will enhance their employability and support their professional development.

Applications are limited to the pre-approved conferences and are subject to change each year.

What is sponsored?

Sponsorship inclusions vary between conferences, but may include flights, accommodation, registration and transfers.

The University can organise your conference travel on your behalf, and students will be covered by USC’s travel insurance where conditions are met. Students may need to co-contribute to the conference if the allocated funding does not cover the entire cost.

Successful students who travel overseas may be eligible to apply for Income Replacement Bursary if their Government support payments as affected by their travel.

Who can apply?

To be eligible to apply for funding, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at USC and remain enrolled for the duration of the conference,
  • Have completed at least one semester of study at USC before applying,
  • Have a minimum GPA of 4

Each conference has specific selection criteria - see below for full details.

Participation in the conference must not conflict with a student’s academic studies.

Students are eligible for one Sponsorship allocation per calendar year.


Sponsorship is awarded on a merit basis. Applications do not guarantee funding as they are assessed through a competitive application process.

Applications are blindly reviewed by USC staff members and are given an overall average rank based on how they address the selection criteria on the application form in StudentHub

Students who are presenting at a conference will be highly regarded.

How to apply?

Applications need to be submitted via StudentHub by the due date listed below on this page. A separate application form is required for each conference.

Supporting documentation such as conference acceptance or invitation may be required. Students can apply for sponsorship prior to registration for the conference. Late applications are not eligible. Students must notify the University of any change to the information provided in their application form.

Refer to application dates below for each conference.

Current opportunities

There are no opportunities that are open yet- watch this space!

Upcoming opportunities

CAPA Conference  |  Date to be confirmed for 2022

The Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations is a membership-based non-profit organisation that represents 400,000 postgraduate students studying across 28 institutions. CAPA provides a link between postgraduate students and the Federal government and other higher education bodies.

The USC Student Senate has sponsorship opportunities available for two postgraduate students to attend the CAPA Annual Council Meeting as representatives of the University and the Postgraduates Students Association, up to the total value of $2,150. Conference details coming soon.

Indigenous Higher Education Conference  |  November 2022

The Indigenous Higher Education Conference is a forum in which students and other educational stakeholders meet to share knowledge and information and assist to improve educational outcomes for Indigenous Students in tertiary education. The 2021 conference was postponed.

The USC Student Senate has sponsorship opportunities for two Indigenous students to attend the conference up to the total value of $2,150.

Student Leader Global Summit  |  Date to be confirmed for 2021

The International Association of Student Affairs and Services hosts an annual Student Leader Global Summit to provide a platform and networking opportunity for intercultural communication between higher education students. The goal of the summit is to discuss student governance, leadership and social justice. Details of the 2021 conference are coming soon.

The USC Student Senate has a sponsorship opportunity for one student to attend the summit up to the value of $3,000.

USC Student Leadership Symposium  |  22 July 2022, USC Students from all USC campuses are invited to apply to attend this prestigious event. Participants will develop valuable professional and leadership skills. The 2021 Student Leadership Symposium was themed ‘Sustainability and Leadership’.  USC Students are also provided the opportunity to present to their peers at our ‘round table’ session. Students will enhance their leadership skills and develop peer partnerships.

This conference is held annually during Semester 2 Orientation Week.

The USC Student Senate provides the sponsorship opportunity for 80 students to attend the Symposium up to the value of $5,000. Register here.

Applications closed

UN Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders  | Bangkok, January 11 - 13, 2023

The Peace Summit of Emerging Leaders gives youth the tools to be a champion of peace. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from world-leading Peace Activists and network with like-minded individuals in the advancement of a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world. Over three intensive days, delegates will gain the knowledge necessary to become Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassadors and lead sustainable peace projects in their own communities. 

The USC Student Senate has a sponsorship opportunity for one student to attend the 2023 summit up to the value of $2,500.

University Scholars Leadership Symposium  | TBC, 2022

The University Scholars Leadership Symposium is an annual conference held each year in a developing Asia-Pacific country and attended by more than 500 world-class university institutions. The conference aims to unlock potential as well as confidence, goal-setting capabilities, self-reliance and independence.

The USC Student Senate is unable to support international travel in 2021, but may have a sponsorship opportunity for one student aged between 18 and 30 to attend the symposium up to the value of $3,000 in 2022.

CLOSED opportunities

ANZSSA Conference  |  29 - 30 November 2021, Online

The Australia and New Zealand Student Services Association looks at student success and the overall student experience, the conference is aimed at widening perspectives of student success both within and outside of the classroom. The Conference will be held tentatively from 5-8 December 2021 in Perth.

The USC Student Senate has a sponsorship opportunity for several student to attend the conference up to the value of $2,500. There will also be the opportunity to zoom in on campus as a group to meet fellow staff and students.

Applications for 2021 have closed.

Australasian Council of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) Conference  |  15-17 September 2021, Online Undergraduate students from all disciplines are invited to attend and submit an abstract for the 2021 Australasian Council of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) Conference. The conference will be hosted online by the Australian National University.

The USC Student Senate Sponsorship Scheme will fund up to 10 USC students to attend (valued at $49 each).

Register here.

Applications have closed.

STARS Conference  |  5-7 July 2021, Online

The STARS (Students Transitions Achievement Retention & Success) Conference is organised by professional staff in the tertiary sector and provides the opportunity to disseminate and discuss current research, good practice, emerging initiatives and leading edge ideas that are aimed at enhancing students’ tertiary learning experiences. Conference discussions are focused around Students, Transitions, Achievement, Retention and Success.

The 2021 conference is being held online from 5-7 July.

The USC Student Senate has a sponsorship opportunity for several student to attend this event up to the value of $2,280.

Applications for 2021 have closed.

Students as Partners Roundtable  | 23-25 November 2021, Online

Students as Partners is an initiative that puts students in the front seat when it comes to decision making around learning, teaching and university decision-making. The 2021 SaP roundtable will be held online and the theme is 'The Partnership Paradox'.

Registration is free this year as the event is online, and the USC Student Senate encourages all USC students to register directly online.

HERDSA Conference  |  7-10 July 2021, Brisbane

The Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia is an international association dedicated to the advancement of the higher and tertiary education sector by disseminating research and developing strong academic communities. The 43rd annual HERDSA conference is scheduled to be held on 7-10 July at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane.

The USC Student Senate has sponsorship opportunities for several day passes to attend the conference up to the value of $1,900.

Applications for 2021 have closed.

Humanitarian Affairs- Global Citizenship Webinars  |  July 2021, Online Imagine yourself being part of a Global Community of change-makers to champion social change. And now imagine yourself embracing social responsibility to act for the benefits of all societies, not just your own. The main goal of the 'Lead as a Global Citizen World Series Webinars' is to prepare you for a global career of contribution and collaboration.

The USC Student Senate has 15 positions for USC students to attend. Register here.

Applications for 2021 have closed.

ISANA National Education Conference  |  1-3 December 2021, ONLINE

The ISANA International Education Association Conference provides an opportunity for delegates to explore and discuss the many factors that contribute to the overall student success, both within and outside the classroom. The theme for the 2021  conference in Sydney is ‘Turning point for international education – leading the way through reset and recovery’.

The USC Student Senate has a sponsorship opportunity for one International student to attend up to the value of $2,150.

Applications for 2021 have closed.

TEQSA Conference  | 25 November 2021, Online

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency is an independent national agency to regulate the higher education industry and protect the interests of students as well as the reputations of Australian Universities.

The 2021 TEQSA conference will be the fifth annual event. The theme is 'Hard Lessons, Valuable Learnings Hightened Expectations'.

USC has a sponsorship opportunity for several USC students to attend to the value of $600.

Applications for 2021 have closed.

Five people at a conference smiling

Hear from USC students

“The USC sponsorship scheme provides a great opportunity for students to partake in research conferences such as the ACUR. Through USC’s sponsorship scheme, I was provided access to the entire conference, where I both presented my own research and had the opportunity to engage with other researchers and attend their presentations. Furthermore, by applying through the sponsorship scheme you are given the opportunity to disseminate your experience with peers who may be interested in similar opportunities in the future.”

-Georgia Acutt, 2021 ACUR Conference attendee

"For me, first of all; it was a great opportunity which offered me an amazing experience. In it new friends were made, collaboration and room for questions were given. What I learnt from those professors and presenters in few days, may have taken me years. There, wealth of knowledge and ideas were dished with sound understanding."

-Chikaodili Ojukwu, 2021 STARS Conference attendee