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USC Student Leadership Award

The Award recognises your professional development, co-curricular learning, and community volunteer contributions undertaken while you have been studying at USC.

It adds value to your resume and job applications by demonstrating your enhanced employability and leadership skills to future employers.

Accrue a minimum of 1,000 points to receive the Award. Students can engage with the program at any stage of their degree, and accumulate points for activities undertaken in the following areas:

Voluntary Contributions

Engage in the community, contribute to enhancing the student experience at USC and develop your leadership potential.

Activities could include Students as Partners program as a volunteer, representative or leader or volunteering in the community + more.

Professional Development

Gain real world unpaid industry experience in addition to your program requirements and build important networks to enhance your employability.

Activities could include presenting or attending a conference, participate in a competition, USC mentoring program, Work Experience Scheme (WES), Virtual Work Experience + more.

Explore more about Professional Development opportunities.

Learning Enrichment

Get exposure to learning enrichment and extension activities to build your skills related to USC’s Graduate Attributes.

Activities could include attend a USC training course, external training such as First Aid, Food Handling or LinkedIn Learning as well as Learning Enrichment Workshops + more.

Explore more about Learning Enrichment opportunities.

What does it involve?

Students who participate in any of the approved activities will receive leadership points toward the Award. If you fulfil the program requirements, you will receive the USC Student Leadership Award upon graduation.

To be eligible for the USC Student Leadership Award students must:

  • Accrue a minimum of 1,000 points, through co-curricular activities in each category (refer to Leadership Award Points Matrix [PDF 220KB]).
  • Record your activities in StudentHub - most points are automatic or submit a points claim form.
  • Identify the skills and qualities you are developing by completing in-built self-reflection tasks available on the Leadership Award Workflow on StudentHub.
  • Complete a final reflection and exit interview with a careers adviser to articulate your experiences to employers.
  • Complete a degree at USC (Bachelor, Honours, Masters or HDR).
Why take part in the USC Student Leadership Award?

The Award will add value to your job application, provide evidence of your commitment and development of the USC Graduate Attributes and contribute to your employability.

Giving your time to help other students can also give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction and help you to create connections.

A few USC Leadership Award recipients have also been granted Chancellor’s Medal for their contributions to USC.

Who can register?

All enrolled USC students*. You can register at any stage of your degree - the earlier the better!
* Some restrictions apply for Cross-institutional students.

What activities are not eligible for points?

Activities that do not attract leadership points are paid roles or undertakings that contribute towards an assessment for your degree.

Important dates

You will receive the Award during the graduation ceremony, therefore you have until the end of your degree to accumulate points even if you go over 1,000 points.

Final activity submissions, reflections and exit interviews are due by the following dates:

  • 1 February. If you complete your degree in Semester Two - April graduations
  • 1 July. If you complete your degree in Semester One - September graduation​
How to register

Every USC student can gain or claim points towards the Award on Student Hub, track your points here.

The best pathway to obtaining the Student Leadership award is to join the Students as Partners program and take on volunteering roles. The training and volunteering opportunities automatically gain you points towards the award and can be instrumental to reaching desirable 1,000 points.

More information

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for the Award, confirm the points you are claiming or any further information, please contact the Students as Partners Team on



“Through the SaP program as a leader, my own learning was improved as the sharing of knowledge provided self-reflection in my own studies. I gained essential graduate skills such as critical thinking, organisation, communication, and problem solving. I acquired a greater network by working alongside staff and students across different disciplines which will be an asset to my future career.”

-Carmine, 2021 Award Recipient

Carmine Buss


“Contributing to USC through co-curricular activities has not only greatly increased my employability, but has also developed my passions for learning, for empowering my peers, and led to awesome global opportunities and networks. In contributing to these programs, I have developed a genuine enthusiasm for advancing the student experience to ensure my fellow students have a voice.”

-Raymart, 2021 Award Recipient