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USC Student Leadership Award

The Award recognises your professional development, co-curricular learning, and community contributions undertaken while you have been studying at USC. It adds value to your resume and job applications by demonstrating your enhanced employability and leadership skills to future employers.

Students can accumulate points for activities they have undertaken in the following areas:

  • Voluntary Contributions
  • Professional Development 
  • Learning Enrichment

Activities that do not attract leadership points are paid roles or undertakings that contribute towards an assessment for your degree.

What does it involve?

Students who participate in any of the approved activities will receive leadership points toward the Award. Students who fulfil the requirements of the USC Student Leadership Award will be acknowledged and receive the USC Student Leadership Award at their graduation ceremony.

  • Earn 1000 points (refer to Leadership Award Points Matrix [PDF 157KB])
  • Submit a record of activities and completed a final reflection task (written, video, interview or portfolio)
  • Complete an academic award at USC (Bachelor, Honours, Masters or HDR)

To be eligible for the USC Student Leadership Award students must have:

  • Accrued a total of 1000 points, with activities in each category below:
Volunteer contributions

Volunteer contributions to the University or local community, social, cultural or sporting events, for example:

  • Registering in the Students as Partners program and Leadership Award 
  • Volunteering at USC Orientation 
  • Volunteering for a local, national or international charity or community organisation 
  • Volunteering for a local Surf Club or other sporting organisation 
  • Committee membership on a Student club or society 
  • Student Leader role eg. Peer-to Peer roles 
Volunteering Per Session
Short Session 0-2 Hours 15 points
Medium Session 2.5-5 Hours 30 points
Long session 5- Full day 45 points

Volunteered regularly 

Per Term

Short Term: less than 3 months (eg. Assisted with the organisation of a Community Event) 50 points
Medium Term: 3-6 months (eg. Coached a sporting team for a season) 100 points
Long Term: 7-12+ months (eg. Assisted a Charity Organisation 1 full day per week for 10 months) 150 points
Student Representative (Lower House)  Per Meeting
Student School Group Rep 25 points
Student Liaison Group Rep 25 points
Student Club / Society Rep 25 points
BONUS POINTS: min. attendance 4 meetings and 4 related events in 12 months.  
Student Leader Per Session 
Short Session 0-2 Hours, Peer-to-Peer 25 points
Medium Session 2.5-5 Hours, Peer-to-Peer 40 points 
Long session 5- Full day, Peer-to-Peer 60 points
Student Representative (Upper House)  Per Meeting
Campus Liaison Group Rep  30 points
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Student Leadership Committee Rep 30 points
Executive on Student Guild  30 points
Postgraduate Student Association Rep 30 points
Student Representative Council Rep 30 points
BONUS POINTS: min. attendance 4 meetings and 4 related events in 12 months. 60 points
Student Representative (Student Senate)  Per Meeting
Student Senate Rep  35 points
BONUS POINTS: min. attendance 4 meetings and 4 related events in 12 months. 70 points
Student Representative (USC Board or Committee)  Per Meeting
Student Experience Leadership Group 35 points
Sustainability Management Committee 35 points
Research Degrees Committee 35 points
Student Misconduct and Appeals Committee 35 points
Learning and Teaching Committee 35 points
VCP RAP Review 35 points
VCP Equity and Diversity Committee 35 points
VCP Indigenous Advisory Committee 35 points
Academic Board 35 points
First Year Experience Reference Group  35 points
Indigenous Staff Committee 35 points
BONUS POINTS: 12- month term & attendance at all related Board/Committee meetings 70 points
Professional development

Professional development undertaken in addition to your degree, for example:

Professional Development Per Event
Presenting at a conference or event  30 points
Attending an industry specific PD event, conference or workshop 30 points
Learning Enrichment

Learning enrichment, for example:

Learning Enrichment Per Course
Online training course 10 points
Face-to-Face training course 15 points
Why take part in the USC Student Leadership Award?

The award will add value to your job application, provide evidence of your commitment and development of the USC Graduate Attributes and contribute to your employability. Giving your time to help other students can also give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction and help you to create connections.

Who can register?

All enrolled USC students*. You can register at any stage of your degree- the earlier the better!
* Some restrictions apply for Cross-institutional students.

How to register

To begin your leadership journey you will need to login to Student Hub and Register for a Students as Partners role.

The roles are:

  • Student Volunteer
  • Student Representative
  • Student Leader, Level 1 (GPA 5.0 or above)
  • Student Leader, Level 2 (GPA 6.0 or above)
More information

Search for answers and ask questions, or contact Student Central for more information.

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USC Student Leadership Award