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Entrepreneurship - New Venture Operation

The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination and resources of its people. Venturing in Action provides students with an in-depth understanding of the processes involved in developing sustainable enterprises and providing value to the community. In this course students will acquire real-world skills and experience by working with local businesses.

Venturing in Action course

The Venturing in Action course (ENT321) forms part of the Entrepreneurship major or minor, but may also be taken as an elective course for students in their final year of study. Students have the opportunity to work with dynamic entrepreneurial ventures, applying theory to implement their project, and gaining valuable experience in a small business context.

Over a 12 week course, student teams gain an understanding of the business they are working with in the first 2 to 3 weeks by finding out more about the entrepreneur, or leadership team, the internal and external activities.

During the following weeks they produce 3 to 4 deliverables for that business, supported by relevant learning material in class, as well as experienced business mentors.

Some examples of the deliverables students have worked on are crowdfunding campaigns, developing an online store, market research, new product launches, social media campaigns and video lead generation programs. Alumni highly recommend this course, especially for students who have entrepreneurial aspirations or who value an exciting innovative environment.

Benefits for business and students

Local businesses value this experience, since they have the opportunity to:

  • Develop local USC talent through their business
  • Gain insight into the fresh ideas students bring in terms of innovative concepts and problem solving skills in marketing, accounting and finance, information management, business research and communication skills
  • Attain good, thorough research for their business
  • Receive great support by the USC faculty and mentors of student teams, so potential problems are easily resolved
  • Offer promising students a paid placement upon completion of their degree.

Benefits for students:

  • Students get the opportunity to put their academic knowledge and skills into practice
  • It provides students an opportunity to test out their skills and get to know themselves
  • It helps build student confidence
  • It develops students' employability and ‘soft’ skills
  • It bridges the gap between the University and the world of work
  • It extends students' network of industry professionals
  • It contributes to knowledge exchange between the local business, USC staff and students.


Students undertaking work integrated learning in ENT321 Venturing in Action are covered by the University’s insurance policies for worker’s compensation and third party insurance.

More information

Students can register their interest in the ENT321 Venturing in Action course in two ways:

  1. Contact the ENT321 course coordinator at MScheepe@usc.edu.au
  2. Contact USC Business School work integrated learning coordinator by emailing jflanaga@usc.edu.au


For general enquiries about USC Business School work integrated learning opportunities please contact:

Julie Flanagan
USC Business School
Email: jflanaga@usc.edu.au
Tel: +61 7 5459 4608