Catering - Managerial Policy

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Catering - Managerial Policy


Approval authority
Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible officer
Chief Operating Officer
Designated officer
Director, Capital and Commercial
First approved
26 November 2002
Last amended
6 September 2016
Effective start date
7 January 2015
Review date
6 September 2021
Active - under review
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1. Purpose of policy

The following policy defines the purposes and conditions of the University’s provision of Catering services.

2. Policy scope and application

This policy applies to all University premises or facilities.

3. Definitions

Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures. Terms and definitions identified below are specific to these procedures and are critical to its effectiveness:

Catering means the provision of food and/or beverage services.

Event means an occasion for which the use of University facilities by an internal or external client is approved.

External client means an individual, entity, or group hiring University facilities or services and having no contractual or academic arrangements with the University.

Hire means an arrangement for the use of university facilities which is outside the scope of normal academic timetabling.

Internal client means an individual or group directly associated with the University through contractual or academic arrangements.

Sponsored event means an event approved as fully or partially sponsored by the University.

4. Principles

The University of the Sunshine Coast is committed to the provision of high quality catering services to students, staff, and internal and external clients. Where possible, this service will be provided in a manner which is consistent with the University’s strategic goals on regional engagement and environmental sustainability.

5. Food outlets on campus

5.1 The University has exclusive rights to operate or lease food outlets on University premises.

6. Catering to events

6.1 The University has exclusive rights to catering for all events held on University premises.

6.2 The Chief Operating Officer or nominee may waive the requirement for a hirer of University facilities to use the University as caterer.

6.3 Where a Faculty chooses to sponsor an event or venue hire, all associated charges as advised by USC Venues and Catering will be forwarded to that Faculty. The Faculty must complete the Sponsorship Application and forward with the Venue Usage Application to USC Venues and Catering.

6.4 All requests for catering must be made using the Application for Catering Services form and payment in full is required prior to the event.

6.5 The University reserves the right to refuse catering to any event.

7. Applicable health, safety and food legislation

7.1 The provision of catering on University premises, whether by the University or otherwise, is required to meet all applicable health, safety and food legislation.

7.2 In the case of catering undertaken by the University, the Vice-Chancellor and President is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant health, safety and food legislation.

7.3 In the case of catering undertaken by any other body on University premises, that body is responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant health, safety and food legislation.

8. Prices

8.1 Prices charged for catering to external clients will normally be on a full cost recovery basis, in view of the obligation of public institutions to compete fairly with the private sector

8.2 A schedule of prices for food and beverages will be approved by the Chief Operating Officer and reviewed at least annually.

8.3 The schedule of prices may be discounted where catering is provided to a sponsored event with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor and President.

8.4 Internal Clients self-catering an event are not required to seek approval from the USC Venues and Catering Manager where the cost of food and beverage is less than A$80.00. However, the USC Venues and Catering Manager must be involved should any external visitors be attending such event.

9. Sustainability

9.1 The University is committed to sustainable practices and encourages the minimisation of all waste on campus, in particular plastic. University food outlets and catering services use reusable catering supplies and/or catering supplies compatible with the University’s on-site composting apparatus (OSCA); and align waste management streams with the campus-wide recycling program.

9.2 Subject to certain exceptions, the purchase, sale, or free distribution of single-use plastic bottled water shall not be permitted on any university facilities, or at any official University-hosted or sponsored events on University premises, including graduation ceremonies and sporting club events.

9.3 Where no alternative exists, all flavoured beverages sold or distributed on university facilities must be sourced from non-plastic materials such as glass, aluminium or waxed cardboard.

9.4 Exceptions to 9.2 above may include:

  • Large water bottles over 3 litre capacity may be used for water coolers and table top fountains.
  • Until alternatives can be identified, box lunches that are intended to be carried elsewhere.
  • Bottled water may be stored and distributed as a matter of emergency preparedness.
  • During emergency situations or where there are hydration requirements for individuals outside of USC facilities.
  • Where other legal or contractual reasons are present.


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