Jointly Conferred Coursework Programs - Procedures

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Jointly Conferred Coursework Programs - Procedures


Approval authority
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Responsible officer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Designated officer
Director, Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching
First approved
24 October 2013
Last amended
5 February 2019
Effective start date
30 October 2013
Review date
1 December 2018
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Please refer to the University’s Glossary of Terms for policies and procedures. Terms and definitions identified below are specific to this policy and are critical to its effectiveness:

Jointly conferred award is where a program is delivered concurrently by two or more institutions and upon completion of the program a student receives either a single award testamur conferred jointly badged by those institutions or receives award testamurs from each of the participating institutions on which the contribution of the other institution(s) is acknowledged on the testamur by way of note or inclusion of a logo.

1. Context of procedures

These procedures recognise that the primary responsibility for identifying partner institutions and developing suitable programs resides within the Schools. Schools are expected to use their own processes for developing, evaluating and consulting on jointly conferred coursework programs before completing the processes set out below.

2. Selecting a partner institution

2.1 Concept proposal

a) The Head of School prepares a concept proposal and risk assessment, and submits it to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) for in-principle approval, using the Partner Institution Selection (Jointly Conferred Award) Guidelines (Appendix 1).

b) This approval must be obtained before detailed planning and negotiations about collaboration arrangements with the potential partner institution/s occur and before any binding commitments are made.

2.2 Institutional partnership committee

a) Upon receipt of the concept proposal, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) establishes an Institutional Partnership Committee comprising of three members with relevant expertise.

b) If the concept proposal is for offer a jointly conferred coursework program with an international partner then the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Quality) is a member of the Institutional Partnership Committee.

c) The Institutional Partnership Committee will:

i) evaluate and assess concept proposal, and

ii) before making a recommendation to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), ensure that the partner institution meets the criteria identified in the Partner Institution Selection (Jointly Conferred Award) Guidelines.

2.3 Decision

a) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) takes into account the recommendation of the Institutional Partnerships Committee and decides whether to approve the proposed partner institution.

b) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) advises the Head of School of the decision.

c) If the decision is positive, the Head of School arranges for the development of a Memorandum of Understanding with the partner institution (if not already in place).

d) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) arranges for this decision to be recorded in the appropriate records.

3. Accreditation process

3.1 Accreditation documentation is prepared and submitted in accord with the Program Accreditation and Course Approval – Academic Policy and related procedures. The Program Proposal should be accompanied by any additional appendices consistent with the requirements of the Partner Institution Selection (Jointly Conferred Award) Guidelines. This information will be the same as presented to the Institutional Partnership Committee along with a draft of the legal agreement.

3.2 Learning and Teaching Committee evaluates and assesses any program proposal to ensure that the jointly conferred coursework program meets the relevant standards required of any new academic program.

3.3 Academic Board assess the program proposal and the recommendations of the Learning and Teaching Committee to decide whether to approve the proposed jointly conferred program.

3.4 The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) advises the Vice-Chancellor and President of the Academic Board’s decision.

4. Legal agreement

4.1 The legal agreement is, in effect, the implementation plan specifying how the jointly conferred coursework program is to be delivered, administered, completed and reviewed. This agreement documents the understandings and obligations of all parties, to ensure that the academic aspirations embodied in the jointly conferred coursework program are met.

4.2 Development of the legal agreement should occur in parallel with the program accreditation process, but the formal legal agreement cannot be signed until the program itself has been approved by both the University’s Academic Board and an appropriate authority at the partner institution(s).

4.3 The Vice-Chancellor and President will approve the Legal Agreement.

4.4 Preparatory Work

a) The Head of School completes the relevant Legal Checklist (refer to the Jointly Conferred Academic Awards - Academic Policy), and provides information on the matters specified, to be used as the basis for the formal legal agreement between the University and the partner institution(s).

b) The Head of School submits the completed Legal Checklist to the University’s Chief Operating Officer.

4.5 Agreement

a) The Chief Operating Officer arranges the draft a legal agreement, or seeks advice on a draft prepared by a partner institution, taking into account the Legal Checklist, with consultation as appropriate.

b) The Chief Operating Officer recommends the legal agreement to the President for approval and signature.

c) The signed Legal Agreement is forwarded to the partner institution for approval and signature by the appropriate authority.

d) The Chief Operating Officer arranges for the signed (by both parties) legal agreement to be recorded in the appropriate records management system.

5. Implementation and Monitoring

5.1 The Head of School develops an Implementation Plan for new Jointly Conferred Coursework Program. This plan must take into account requirements for collaboration with Partner Institution(s), and requirements for monitoring and review of the academic program.

5.2 The Head of School regularly monitors compliance with obligations under the legal agreement (including the establishment and maintenance of a Joint Program Committee).

5.3 The jointly conferred coursework program is included in the University program review cycle.

Appendix A

Partner Institution Selection (Jointly Conferred Award) Guidelines (Staff Login required)


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