Staff Development - Managerial Policy

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Staff Development - Managerial Policy


1. Purpose of the policy

This policy aims to affirm the University’s commitment to staff development. A priority is to attract, retain and develop excellent staff as the achievement of the University’s Mission depends on the performance and contributions of all staff. Staff development plays a significant role in attracting, developing and retaining excellent staff.

2. Application of policy

This policy applies to all staff employed by the University.

3. Policy

3.1 The University actively acknowledges that its most important resources are its staff and the knowledge, skills and values they bring to their work.

3.2 Staff Development is a process through which staff continue to learn and expand their capability to be effective in their work.

Furthermore, increased organisational effectiveness is generated when the capabilities of staff are enhanced and they are able to better understand, and keep improving, the ways the organisation works – its practices, culture and systems.

3.3 The provision of effective staff development can create a positive and stimulating environment in which staff are able to achieve success and satisfaction in their work, and the University achieves excellence as an academic institution.

3.4 The University invests significantly in staff development to:

  • encourage and support staff to reflect on their practice, maintain currency in their field, develop their work capabilities, manage their careers and participate in relevant staff development programs and activities
  • support staff to improve their qualifications
  • encourage academic staff to maintain currency in Learning and Teaching practices in their field and continuously improve their effectiveness as teachers and researchers
  • enable staff to deal effectively with change
  • help maintain and develop the quality of work in the University, and
  • enable staff to contribute effectively to the achievement of the University’s strategic priorities.

3.5 Staff development is viewed as both:

  • the processes through which staff reflect on, plan and advance their careers, and
  • the activities in which staff participate to extend and deepen their work capability.

3.6 These activities can include: involvement in formal and informal discussion groups and workshops; on-the-job training and learning; study in accredited programs and courses, including tertiary teaching qualifications for academic staff; other programs and activities to enhance effectiveness in teaching and research; and participation in various forms of action learning and action research projects related to individual, group and organisational development.

More formal opportunities such as the University’s Professional Development Program and Study Assistance Program are also available.

3.7 The University encourages participation in staff development and recognises that responsibility for performance and development lies jointly with individual staff and the University:

  • each individual staff member is encouraged to take ultimate responsibility for their own career and to seek and take advantage of opportunities for development
  • Cost Centre Managers are to ensure the universal implementation of Performance Planning and Review to: promote discussion about and planning for development; acquire information about staff development needs; and provide support and allocate resources so staff are able to participate in relevant staff development activities
  • Human Resources is responsible for coordinating and delivering a comprehensive range of staff development programs and activities, some of which will also be delivered by staff in specialist areas of the University such as the Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching and the Office of Research for academic development programs and activities. Formal University programs such as the Professional Development Program and the Study Assistance Program are also coordinated by Human Resources
  • the University is responsible for providing the resources to support a range of relevant and effective staff development opportunities, programs and activities; designated time for participation in staff development; and other resources to support the development of staff.


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