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Arrive, settle in, network, enjoy the Sunshine Coast

Time Activity  Location
3.30pm Buses depart from Alexandra Surf Club  
4.30-5.30pm Official welcome and Welcome to Country Lecture Theatre 3
5.45-8pm Aussie BBQ with local foods, local beers, and local entertainment  
8pm Buses depart from USC Bus Terminal back to Alexandra Surf Club  

8.15am-8.30am Buses depart from Alexandra Surf Club

9.15-9.30am Welcome and announcements (Lecture theatre 3)

Session Time D1.47 D1.48 D1.49 D1.51 D1.52
1 9.30-10am Roger T. Couture
7: The Effects of a Quick Anxiety-Reducing Technique During a Likely Stressful Outdoor Activity
Bob Jickling
76: Teachings of a Bark Canoe: Practice, Place, and Living Deliberately
Abdul Kahlid
56: An exploratory study of Singapore teachers’ attitudes and approaches to outdoor education in schools
Son Truong et el.
41: The impact of community gardening on perceived health and wellbeing in social housing communities

Bacon Chan
105: Outdoor education in Hong Kong: incorporating place-based learning in Outward Bound programmes
2 10-10.30am Alexandra Albert et al.
14: Moving beyond fear: Mental training and outdoor education
Marcus Morse et al.
77: Views from a pinhole: Experiments in Wild Pedagogy on the Franklin River
Simon Beames
91: Outdoor Learning in Scottish State Schools
Patrick Daigle
112: The Social and Economic Impact of OUtdoor Practices - A Significant Opportunity for Schools
Liz Riyana et al.
39: Sense of place: A PFP Experience
3 10.30-11am Lærke Mygind et al.
33: A meta-analysis of nature and psychological stress reduction
Lucas Bester
94: Teaching and learning landscape-based navigation
Emilia Fagerstam
111. Regular outdoor learning in secondary school-students' experiences
Tony Keeble
24: Building Social Capital through the delivery of Outdoor Education
Jakob Thorsteinsson et al.
71: Journeys in wilderness and personal growth: Philosophical perceptive
Morning Tea 11-11.30am          
    D1.47 D1.48 D1.49 D1.52  
4 11.30-12noon Monica Green et al.
52: wilding pedagogy in an unexpected landscape: Reflections and possibilities in initial teacher education
Kathleen Pleasants
85: Why do parents send their children on outdoor education experiences?
Mike Boyes et al.
36: Outdoor decision making as planned behaviour

Stephen D. Ritchie et al.
93: Challenges and opportunities related to collaborative research with Indigenous communities in Canada
5 12.00-12.30pm Inger Wallem Krempig et al.
43: Harvesting “wild” food: - a pedagogic project in an Arctic kindergarten
Heather E Prince
18: School-based Outdoor Education: Lessons in enabling good practice for children 3-11 years
Andrew Brookes
110: Epistemological questions in case-based outdoor fatality prevention

Heather Grenon
82: Resilience through the outdoors
Lunch (including poster sessions) 12.30-1.30pm          
    Stephen Ritchie/Ayden Meilleur et al.
86: A Retrospective Study of the Perceived Importance of a Mandatory Outdoor Canoe Excursion from the Perspective of Alumni from a University in Canada
Stephen Ritchie/Shelby Deibert et al.
92: An Analysis of Alumni Stories Related to their Participation in a Mandatory Outdoor Canoe Excursion at a University in Canada
Stephen D. Ritchie et al
100: Understanding the holistic health impact of a land-based program for youth from an Aboriginal Community in Canada
Panel sessions 1.30-2.15pm          
    Lecture Theatre 3 D1.48      
    Social Justice in OE Research?
Kathleen Pleasants, Noel Gough, Tonia Gray, Tom Potter
Forging Trans-national Research Connections
Chris Loynes, Takano Takata, Kirsti Pedersen Gurholt, Søren Andkjær
    D1.47 D1.48 D1.49 D1.52  
6 2.15-2.45pm Joelle Breault-Hood
20: The impact of outdoor education on body image and self-efficacy of adolescent girls
David Hills et al.
44: Digital Technology and Outdoor Education: Where are we now and where are we headed?
Brian Wattchow et al.
90: Secret lives: The qualitative research journey in outdoor studies.
Ivor Heijnen
107: Place-Constructive Outdoor Education: A conceptual model
7 2.45-3.15pm Patrick Maher
60: Friluftsliv 2.0: Nature/culture connections in a new place
Phil M Mullins
87:  an Ethic of Belonging for Outdoor Education
Genevieve Blades
51: An ecopedagogy of (bush)walking
Takano Takako
21: How experiences transform through time; Reflective study of place-based educational program up to 35 years 
8 3.15-3.45pm Barbara Humberstone.
101: Ageing and life long outdoor learning: Decrepit and empowered
Chris Loynes
103: Is Outdoor Education a Movement?
Mark Leather
6: Finding my professional voice: Autobiography as an effective research method
Soren Andkjaer et al.
26: Gear Banks do make a difference! Supporting and developing friluftsliv by means of the nationwide concept of Gear Banks in Denmark
Afternoon Tea 3.45-4.15pm          
  4.15pm Buses depart from USC Bus Terminal back to Alexandra Surf Club  
  7-10pm Dinner and Drinks at One-Up Bar and Bistro, Mooloolaba (15-20 minute walk from organised accommodation)  
  8.15-8.30am Buses depart from Alexandra Surf Club      
  Concurrent session times D1.47 D1.48 D1.50A D1.52
9 9.30-10am Paul Salmon / Clare Dallat
53: How do led outdoor activity systems create injury? An analysis of Australian led outdoor activity injury incidents from 2014-2017
Brendon Munge et al.
81: ‘Learning through your feet’: Multidisciplinary case studies investigating the role and purpose of outdoor fieldwork in Australian universities
Susanna Ho et al.
5: Evaluation of an MOE-OBS Programme in Singapore

Rowena Passy et al.
29: Go Out and Learn

10 10-10.30am Tony Carden
80: Structural reform of safety regulation for led outdoor activities: the next step
Abdul Kahlid
22: The nature and scope of outdoor education in the city-state of Singapore: outdoor practitioners’ perceptions of outdoor education
Hiroshi Hamatani et al.
48: High school trekking programs in Northern Japan Alps
Amanda Lloyd
47: The mysterious case of the “outdoors” for primary school teachers.
11 10.30-11am Clare Dallat et al.
35: Developing a Systems Approach to Risk Assessment in the Led Outdoor Activity Context
Morten Asfeldt et al.
3: Outdoor Education in Canada: Guiding Philosophies, Distinguishing Characteristics, and Central Goals
Margie Campbell-Price
28: Outdoor Education that ‘ticks the box’ for 21st century learning: Examining the benefits and dilemmas of school-based extended outdoor experiences in remote locations
Malcolm Nicolson
4: Camping as Curriculum: Does the understanding of the notion of curriculum by teachers at school camp affect the scope of their work?
Morning tea  11-11.30am        
  Concurrent session times  D1.47 D1.48   D1.50A D1.52 
 12 11.30-12nn Tone Stuler Myhre
98: Second Language Learning in an Outdoor Context
Zabe MacEachren
62: Seeking Deep Campfire Experiences
Glyn Thomas et al.
30: Threshold Concepts for Australian Outdoor Education University Graduates
Mike Boyes
40: Time, aesthetics and the ontological divide
 13  12-12.30pm Clayton Barry
17: A Pedagogy of the Outlandish: Culture Shock as Experiential Learning
Chris North et al.
108: Do vans and buses constitute a third place? The importance of transport time in OE
Heidi Smith et al.
12: Impact of transculturality on student experience in higher education 
Alistair J.
83: Troubling experience? Re/thinking epistemology, ontology and ethics with/in outdoor environmental education
 Lunch 12.30-1.30pm        
Australian Tertiary Outdoor Education Network Meeting 12.45-1.30pm D1.52      
Panel sessions 1.30-2.15pm Lecture Theatre 3
Publishing pitfalls and possibilities
Simon Beames, Barbara Humberstone, Heather Prince, Pat Maher
Innovative Research Methodologies
Mark Leather, Brian Wattchow, Genny Blades, James Neill
Concurrent session times   D1.47 D1.48 D1.50A D1.52
14 2.15-2.45pm Søren Andkjær et al.
27: NatureMoves - Places for childrens outdoor recreation in Denmark
Tom Potter et al.
10: On the chopping block: The international demise of outdoor education in higher education

Sandy Allen-Craig et al.

95: Rethinking Outdoor Education Leadership Spaces: Using catching features, hand rails, and bearings to help amplify lesser heard voices in the broad landscape of outdoor learning.

Scott Jukes
9: Thinking outdoor environmental education differently: Material relations on a Snowy River journey 
15 2.45-3.15pm  Jakob Thorsteinsson et al.
73: Challenging the convetional wisdom of time children spend outside
Beau Miles
99: Death of a healthy teen: An outdoor education course shut down in its prime

Tonia Gray et al.
15: Reflective insights to help advance the outdoor profession towards gender inclusive leadership
Genevieve Blades
50: Walking with/in a postphenomenology methodology
16 3.15-3.45pm Laerke Mygind et al.
34: Nature-based health promotion for children and adolescents: A systematic review of interventions, designs and outcomes
Jorgen Weidemann Eriksen
84: Do we need more failing in Outdoor Education?
Rachel Davies et al.
16: Diverse Perspectives: An Exploration of Gender and Leadership in Outdoor Recreation
Jonas Mikaels
63: Thinking immanence in school-based friluftsliv/outdoor education through the concept of ecosophy
Afternoon tea 3.45-4.15pm Buses depart from USC Bus Terminal back to Alexandra Surf Club
  7-10pm Organise your own dinner groups and venues

Field trips depart as per the field trip schedule.

The field trips will draw on local outdoor educators’ expertise and visit some of the amazing local Sunshine Coast environments.

Field trips will include:

  • Noosa Everglades Paddle in sea-kayaks (no extra cost)
  • Learn to surf at Noosa, self-guided walk, and beach swim ($55 extra to registration costs)
  • Sailing on the Noosa River, self-guided walk, and beach swim ($65 extra to registration costs)
  • Guided Kondalilla rainforest walk and freshwater swim (no extra cost)
  • Guided Noosa National Park walk and beach swim (no extra cost)
  • Guided Single-track mountain biking at Noosa, self-guided walk, and beach swim. ($75 extra to registration costs)
  • Noosa Stand-up Paddle boarding, self-guided walk, and beach swim ($25 extra to registration costs)

Conference dinner at Alexandra Headland Surf club, 7-11pm

  8.15-8.30am Buses depart from Alexandra Headland Surf club        
  9.15-9.30am Welcome and announcements (Lecture theatre 3)        
Concurrent session times   D1.47 D1.48 D1.50A D1.51 D1.52
17 9.30-10am Morten Asfeldt
2: Experiencing, Re-Experiencing, and Experiencing-Back: A Rationale for Wilderness Educational Expeditions in Canada.
  Heidi Smith et al.
19: Visiting scholar experiences of transcultural outdoor studies in higher education
Alex Prins et al.
89: Inside the curl: A qualitative search
Shirley Wyver at el.
55: Sydney Playground Project: Improving coping of young children with disabilities
18 10-10.30am Sean Blenkinsop et al.
75: Wild Pedagogies: A Scholastic Experiment in Re-Wilding Research
  Beau Miles et al.
102: The axeman and the activist: Collusions in the tea room
Phil M Mullins
88: Learning Lessons from Outdoor Recreation
Alesssandro Bortolotti et al.
25: Go Out and Learn: collaborative international professional development into outdoor learning 
19 10.30-11am James Neill
116: Life effectiveness and outdoor education: Theory,research, and applications
  Kathleen Mahon et al.
11: Moving beyond ‘methodising’ theory in preparing for the profession
Greig Gjerdalen
37: How an understanding of the motivations and orientations of athletes doing nature-based activities can inform outdoor education program design, and delivery, that deepens participants eco-relationships
Erik Mygind
38: The TEACHOUT study: impacts of education outside the classroom - udeskole - on pupils’ physical activity, well-being and learning
Morning tea 11-11.30am          
Concurrent session times   D1.47 D1.48 D1.50A D1.52  
20 11.30am-12nn Mark Leather et al.
1: Hyperreality, young people and “nature”
Noel Gough
54: Speaking of Nature: Generating Ecocritical Questions from Ursula Le Guin’s (1929-2018) Speculative Fictions
Jennifer Wigglesworth
74: The Cultural Politics of Naming Outdoor Rock Climbing Routes? 
Masahiro Okada et al.
31: The effects of ‘attachment to nature’ during camp on ‘attitudes toward nature’ of elementary and junior high school students
Lunch 12nn-1pm          
Plenary session 1-2.15pm Lecture theatre 3        
  2.30pm Buses depart from USC Bus Terminal for accommodation venues or Sunshine Coast Airport  
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