Theme 2: Building caring communities

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Theme 2: Building caring communities


To take care of oneself – and others, to flourish, and engage in slow scholarship.

Academic life is changing – with neoliberal agendas and ways of working and counting driving much of what we do, demanding so much of us. The academy compels us to compete, to work on our own, to overwork, to count narrowly. This second theme encourages us to consider how we might change our own work situations and workplaces to support an ethic of care and caring.

To care for ourselves and others, to work in more ‘care-full’ ways. To find ways to slow down and claim time for slow scholarship and communal, collaborative ways of working and being an academic. With this theme we consider what it means to build caring academic communities, and we look to the ways those among us are building a kinder culture of possibilities that allow us to not only to do our best work, but to be our best selves.

We use this theme to explore what it might mean to live well, and to give attention to how we work and interact with one another. And, to contemplate where we need support, where we might give support. We continue to trouble the intensification of our work by corporate techniques and remember our relational and heart-spirit-mind-body connections. Notions of care, slow scholarship, flourishing and community permeate this theme.

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